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CX5M Demos by Jack Hertz

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With everyone wanting a Synclavier for $200,000. Yamaha created an affordable music system that retailed for only $500. Introduced in 1984, the Yamaha CX5M Music Computer was an actual home computer combined with a built-in 4-OP FM synthesizer module, sound editors and sequencer. As Yamaha's own promotion put it:

"The CX5M is a computer. But certainly not an ordinary computer. It has been designed specifically to be used by musicians, composers and arrangers. both amateur and professional, to produce music in ways that were never before possible."

Unfortunately, a QWERTY keyboard and TV monitor had no place in the studios in 1984, but it got my attention with all it had to offer for how little I had to spend. This album is a document of my first works with the Yamaha CX5M Music Computer. The unreleased tracks were composed exclusively on the CX5M between 1984 and 1985. Originally recorded on 4-track cassettes, these primitive recordings reflect the sound of an exciting time in music history when people began to compose with computers at home.

Track Listings:
    1. Storm Chords 4:41
    2. Dark Sequence 1:07
    3. Frequencies of Decay 3:03
    4. Harmonix 1:42
    5. Long Waves 1:12
    6. Asian Sketch 1:20
    7. Riders on the Synth 2:46
    8. City Views 2:46
    9. Piano Drones 3:17
    10. Pluck Thump 0:54
    11. Happy Beats 1:42
Artist Name(s):
Jack Hertz
Release Year: 2020
Ambient, Chiptune, Experimental
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Aural Films
Catalog Number(s):
San Francisco, CA
Synthesizers Used
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