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Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite

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Juno Reactor’s second album was said to be "very much inspired by the underground dance music coming out of India” Energetic and dramatic. In terms of collaboration, European percussionist Johann Bley adds his talents into the mix, invoking the energetic feel that is apparent on Beyond the Infinite. This energy was gradually noticed by both Hollywood and international movie makers; a few tracks make it onto a variety of films and TV shows in the 1990s and beyond. Evidently, Juno Reactor’s music works well with the moving picture; this fact is not lost on several directors who will call upon Juno Reactor in the years to come...

The songs themselves are distinct and memorable. Samples are still the mainstay of the songs, but some of the alternate influences begin to creep into the album. The signature Juno Reactor sound - dance music fused with unlikely and varying sources, becomes apparent in some of the album’s outstanding tracks. Rock guitars seep into “Guardian Angel”, the hidden jungles of some exotic African land dominate “Razorback”, and the mystique and focussed power of Japan is paramount on “Samurai”. These songs give us the blueprint for modern Juno Reactor.

Track Listings:
    1)Guardian Angel 7:11
    2) Magnetic 8:08
    3)Ice Cube 7:03
    4)Feel The Universe 7:39
    5)Samurai 8:17
    6)Silver 6:36
    7)Rotorblade 8:19
    8)Mars 7:10
Total Time: 68:00
Artist Name(s):
Juno Reactor
Ben Watkins, Mike Maguire
Release Year: 1996
Ambient, EBM, Industrial
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Simon Watkins
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
CLP 9739-2
Los Angeles, CA
Blue Room Released
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