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Space Time Continuum - Emit Ecaps

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    Jonah Sharp's second proper album keeps much of the atmospheric beauty of Sea Biscuit intact, but the material usually works only as an introduction to devastating beat work on tracks like "Kairo" and "Funkyar," both of which recall the chunkier side of jungle and electro quite convincingly. All in all, Emit Ecaps is a fascinating fusion of hard and soft.
    Track Listings:
    1 Iform 6:42
    2 Kairo 11:48
    3 Simm City 2:51
    4 Funkyar 5:36
    5 Swing Fantasy 6:58
    6 Out Here 4:39
    7 Vertigo 7:29
    8 Twister 4:19
    9 Pod 6:26
    10 String Of Pearls 6:42
    Artist Name(s):
    Jonah Sharp
    Jonah Sharp
    Release Year: 1996
    EBM, Jazz
    Album Type:
    Compact Disc
    Mastering: The Compound, San Francisco by Mixture 151
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Catalog Number(s):
    ASW 6176, ASW 6147-2
    San Fran Cisco, CA
    Editions / Reissues
    1. REF CD7, REFCD7 US 1996
    2. VJCP-25332 Japan 1996
    3. ASW 6176, ASW 6147-2 US 1996
    4. ASW 6147-2 US 1996
    5. Reflective REF LP7 UK 1996
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