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RMI Harmonic Synthesizer and Keyboard Computer

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    RMI has just released TWO GREAT CONCEPTS on the musical public - HARMONIC SYNTHESIZER and KEYBOARD COMPUTER. You will soon be hearing our sounds from other sources, since recording studios and touring groups are starting to use the new instruments. It appears we have hit on something -- see what you think.

    Everything you hear on this record was recorded LIVE in REAL TIME by ONE PERSON. Any cross-fading or instruments appearing in contrast between the left and right channels was accomplished by the performer's use of the pedal - not the recording engineer. RMI's concept allows the single performer to create five Independent channels of audio, bringing studio effects to the concert stage. Live concert ensemble will be improved while studio recording time will be greatly reduced.

    Mike Mandel, keyboard wizard, was the first "outsider" to try our new instruments. Mike took to them like a fish to water. Cut one on side two is a section of an improvisation that began after only two hours. Although a tape was made at the time, there had been no plans for a record. Mike's inspiration from this first meeting convinced us that this cut was a must.

    Clark Ferguson, marketing director at RMI, has composed music to illustrate the potentials of the new instruments in dealership concerts and demonstrations throughout the country.

    Carlo Curley, a young and exciting concert organist, feels with the advent of the RMl Harmonlc Synthesizer and Keyboard Computer, a new era of expression has arrived. During the recording of the Daquin "Noel," Curley was inspired to improvise on the theme using the Keyboard Computer strings.


    STRINGS - The Computer opens with Linear Sawtooth #SPG3001 ,stereo Chorus and Long Attack. Vibrato is added with the Touch Bar. A descending synthesizer cello line enters, then an ascending sequence is programmed while a chord is "Iatched" on the Computer.

    PEDAL STEEL - Sliding effects are accomplished by the Pitch Bender pedal. Quick changes between guitar and organ sounds are created by the Channel Two pedal. French Horn #R1184, Cornopean #R1012, Spanish Trumpet #R1254 and Barpfeife #R1349.

    BELLS - Fixed waveform "B" for bell Is used with Percussion, Sustain and Chorus. Chorus creates a difference in tuning of about 2 Hz between the left and right channels.

    VOICES - Cards used: Vowel Female "AH" #V1001 and Vowel "OO" #R1333. The large cathedral-like reverb effect is created by increasing the envelope attack and release time.

    BOOGIE BASS - Bass line and percussion are "sequenced" in stereo on the Harmonlc Synthesizer. "Blue notes" are created on the Computer by the Pitch Bender pedal.

    FIDDLE & BANJO - Chords are held on the Synthesizer while the individual notes are "sequenced." Fiddles sliding up to pitch are accomplished by the Computer Pitch Bender pedal.

    FUNKY-WAH - Staccato attack of Pulse Width 1/16 #SPG2002 produces a rich reedy sound. Computer Channel Three is fed to the Synthesizer Filter Input. "Wah" effects are created by the filter pedal.

    RANDOM SCALE - Eight' notes of the A Major scale are "wedged" on the Synthesizer. Placing the Sequencer in the Random Mode causes the notes to be played in random order, providing a varying tonal and rhythmic background for the computer.

    PIPE ORGAN - Fixed waveforms from the Computer were used including flute, string and choruses with mixtures. Near the end the "pedal part" is played on the Synthesizer Left Voice. Finally, a "state trumpet" is heard on the Synthesizer Right Voice.


    MANDEL DOES IT -- Full use is made of Channel Three and the Pitch Bender. A rapid percussive arpeggio is programmed on the sequencer as a background. Filter "sweeps" are used as accents.

    NON-PIPE ORGAN -- You know what we mean. Characteristic keying noise and percussion are created by card #F3186. #1184 produces a typical setting. Rotating speaker effects are created by Chorus and the Vibrato Touch Bar.

    JAZZ FLUTE -- Card used - Jazz Flute #F2335. Twelfth harmonic is percussed rapidly to create "over--blowing" transients. Fundamental and other harmonics on card #F2335 are delayed by Slow Attack mode.

    RECORDER AND HARPSICHORD -- Alto Recorder #F2065 is heard with slight vibrato on channel one. Pulse cards #SPG1001 and #SPG2002 are percussed through channel two (no vibrato). Quick changes are made with the pedals.

    MOMENT MUSICALE (Schubert) -- Percusslve accompaniment on Computer. Solo line is played alternately on the Synthesizer Left and Right Voices. NOEL (Daquin) -- Flutes and harpsichord are the main instruments. Light bells are "sequenced" at random on the Synthesizer.

    Track Listings:
    Side A
    1 Strings 3:00
    2 Pedal Steel 1:13
    3 Bells 0:52
    4 Voices 1:36
    5 Boogie Bass 2:15
    6 Fiddle & Banjo 0:42
    7 Funky-Wah 1:13
    8 Ramdom Scale 1:00
    9 Pipe Organ 0:50

    Side B
    1 Mandel Does It 1:55
    2 Non-Pipe Organ 2:05
    3 Jazz Flute 2:45
    4 Alto Recorder & Harpsichord 1:00
    5 Moment Musicale 1:27
    6 Noel 4:35
    Artist Name(s):
    Clark Ferguson - RMI Harmonic Synthesizer - Tracks: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9, B2, B3, B4
    Carlo Curley - RMI Harmonic Synthesizer - Tracks: B5, B6
    Mike Mandel - Rmi Keyboard Computer - Track: B1
    Clark Ferguson, Steve Roth, A.O.C
    Release Year: 1974
    Ambient, Jazz, Symphonic, Synth-Pop
    Album Type:
    LP 33 1/3
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Front: Sam Smith, Back: Tom Zwicki, A.O.C.
    Studio Name:
    Helffrich Recording Lab, Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Creative Commons
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Rocky Mount Instruments, Inc.
    Catalog Number(s):
    Macungie, Pennsylvania 18062 Phone: 215/965 9801
    Allen Organ Company
    Synthesizers Used
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