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Our Own Universe

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A chance meeting resulting from an ad placed at the community college in 1976, Brought Stuart and Ken together thanks to Mark Chance, who plays some bass guitar on a few of the tracks. The title track was recorded at Stuart's place, and the rest of the album comes from a recording session in Ken's apartment while living in historic Ellicott City. All tracks were live, and the tape was not released until 1981, when Ken began his mail order business as Anvil Creations.

An ad was placed in Eurock magazine soon after "To Come Into Being" (AC06) was released. Ken also promoted "Our Own Universe" on the IEMA Tape #3, and there was a Pink 1 released later on the 5-Year Anniversary Tape a few years later. In 2015, Vinyl-On-Demand released an abridged version of Stuart & Ken's electronics and included the record in Ken's 5-LP box set. A picture of the retro-cassette cover is shown in the gallery below.

Both Ken and Stuart played Moog synthesizers. Ken had an ARP String Ensemble, which he played through a phase shifter, and Stuart owned a mellotron, which can be heard on the title track. Stu also used an ARP Omni synth, and played violin, which can be heard on their second release, "Eccentric Projections". This was ground-breaking electronic music in 1976. While Ken was given the job of selling the group tapes for the IEMA (International Electronic Music Association), Stuart was founder of BEMN (Baltimore Electronic Music Network), and later often recorded with Ken Donnelly as Tangent.

Track Listings:
    1. Our Own Universe. (14:07)
    2. May (12:33)
    3. Pain Is Nociception (4:10)
    4. Twenty-two Over Seven (5:15)
    5. Pink 2 (14:03)
    6. The Den Of Iniquity (11:27)
Total Time: 60 minutes
Artist Name(s):
Stuart Rosenzweig
Ken Moore
Ken Moore for Anvil Creations
Release Year: 1981
Space Rock
Album Type:
Cassette, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Ken Moore
Engineer(s): Ken Moore
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Anvil Creations
Catalog Number(s):
Baltimore, Maryland USA
Editions / Reissues
  1. 1981 ACS cassette release only
  2. 2012 Anvil Creations digital release on Bandcamp
  3. 2017 ACS private cassette re-release
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