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James Bailey - Dimensions

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    Sounds like a bag of hammers falling down a long metal staircase, or a drop of rain on your cheek. James Bailey mostly lived in the east end of Toronto, except for four years in England as a wee child. He's been making noises with whatever was available for most of his life, with only a few (failed) attempts at formal training on any sort of "real" instrument. He started recording things after the acquisition of a good-quality open-reel recorder in 1973 (Tandberg 3341X). Most acoustic sound sources are found objects either played as is or modified into something resembling an instrument, though he usually refer to the things as "implements." Electronics are often employed for sound manipulation, or as a source by themselves. He still uses open-reel tape recorders, frequently in a delay arrangement (a.k.a. Time Lag Accumulator, Frippertronics).

    This album "Dimensions" was released independently in 1986 and is available from Also released a 3" cd-r "Little Bag o'Loops" in 2004 now out of print, but available for download at the listed bandcamp site.

    James hosted a strange, weird, experimental, electro-acoustic, modern orchestral/chamber, improvisedradio programme on the now defunct CKLN-FM for over twenty years, and can now be heard on Wednesday evenings at 23:00 Eastern (NA) time on
    Track Listings:
    1/ The Train to the Eighth Dimension - MiniMoog w/ tape delay
    2/ From a Window, 1A.M. - electric guitar over natural outdoor sounds
    3/ 4HC - electric guitar w/ tape delay
    Total Time: 45 minutes
    Artist Name(s):
    James Bailey
    Release Year: 1986
    Ambient, Drone, Electroacoustic, Experimental, Field Recordings
    Album Type:
    LP 33 1/3
    Cover & Packge Design:
    James Bailey
    Engineer(s): James Bailey
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Applied Science
    Catalog Number(s):
    Toronto, ON, Canada
    Synthesizers Used
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It's always a delight to hear the experiments of tape loop travelers, thanks for sharing this James.  I did a lot of recording and performing with a Frippertronics system back in the day myself -- some very minimalist stuff like what you have on display here, some more orchestrated, layered, and even notated things.

Here's a link to a bit of the more ancient minimalist type stuff if you're interested. 

-ING, Earliest, Minimalist

Would you have any objections to me broadcasting your "4HC" on my Deprogramming Center radio show?

Best wishes, CIII




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No objections at all. Have at it!! An interesting story in the life of that piece: It was programmed as part of an electroacoustic conference in 2003, in Scarborough, Yorkshire, 21 years after it was created in Scarborough Ontario, and I got to diffuse it over the B.E.A.S.T. (Birmingham ElectroAcoustic Sound Theatre), a 30 channel playback system!

Thanks for the link. I will check that out soon.


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