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Loubi Stem

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This tape was released as a 46 minute cassette tape, making it the third in the Electronic Music Series for ACS. Some of the sounds were recorded at the electronic music studio at UMBC during Ken's stay there in 1973, using a mellotron, a Minimoog and an echo-flex tape machine. Other recordings included a spinet piano and wooden recorder. The second side of the tape was a compilation of recorded traffic sounds made in Baltimore around 1977, with sample-and-hold electronics added from an ARP Odyssey synthesizer.

Later in 1983, this tape and EMS #2 (Tempus Fugit) were lifted from the catalog, and replaced with a title of "Inflectional Stimulus", making it a 90 minute cassette with the catalog number of AC13. Both tapes were released on Bandcamp in the second decade of the 2000's, and CD-Rs and newer cassette tapes were recorded for private listening, but physical media was not offered on Bandcamp. A bonus track was added in 2008 (4. "If Bowls Could Sing"), and included on the B/C release. A portion of side one of the cassette was added to Ken's Electronic Music Works LP on VOD Records in 2015, namely "Any Sense At All" (on side C of a 2LP set).

Track Listings:
    1. Any Sense At All (8:20)
    2. Recessive Regression (12:27)
    3. Invasion Of Continuum (21:14)
Total Time: 44 minutes
Artist Name(s):
Ken Moore
Ken Moore for Anvil Creations
Release Year: 1982
Electroacoustic, Experimental
Album Type:
Cassette, Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Ken Moore
Engineer(s): Ken Moore
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Anvil Creations
Catalog Number(s):
Baltimore, Maryland USA
Editions / Reissues
  1. 1982 Anvil Creations AC08 cassette tape
  2. 2008 ACS bonus track added on private CD
  3. 2013 ACS digital download on Bandcamp
  4. 2017 ACS private reissue on cassette
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