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Morning Creations

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Recorded in Seven Valleys, PA during Ken's visit to Baltimore for his first live performance in many years. Each piece was composed during the morning hours, one for each day of the week prior to his concert with Dave Vosh as Safe Creations that Sunday at An Die Musik.

During the decade of 2003-2009, Ken had the opportunity to purchase a Moog Sonic Six synthesizer, fully restored. He had recorded some tracks on the Tascam 38, but those were not available by the time this album was done. However, Ken did sample some sounds before he was forced to sell the unit to a musician in Canada (due to financial stress) and these he had available on his Roland Edirol. Along with some recordings from the Gong Room, Ken was able to marry the recordings into a set of five compositions that are soft, yet introspective, with a laptop computer using Garageband. Deep listening is required to fully appreciate this release. Ken and Dave went on to make seven albums of their own using the name Safe Creations after this was released in 2012.

Track Listings:
    1. Cymbals And Gongs 3 (14:35)
    2. Sonic 4 + 4 (12:49)
    3. Sonic 5 (8:43)
    4. Sonic 6 (15:57)
    5. Sonic 7 (9:54)
Total Time: 60 minutes
Artist Name(s):
Ken Moore
Ken Moore / Anvil Creations
Release Year: 2012
Electroacoustic, Minimal
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Ken Moore
Engineer(s): Ken Moore
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Anvil Creations
Catalog Number(s):
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio USA
Editions / Reissues
  1. 2012 ACS Bandcamp download on mooremyers.bandcamp
  2. 2017 ACS personal copy on cassette tape/not for resale
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