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Sovrapposizione Di Immagini by Daniela Casa

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In an alternate universe the Rome born female synthesist Daniela Casa would be a household name. A genuine pioneer of experimental pop music, abstract electronics, Giallo jazz and even heavy drone rock jams, her elusive and infectious music joins the dots and loops between other Italian female electronic composers such as Giulia De Mutiis (later Giulia Alessandroni), Doris Norton and Suzanne Ciani while retaining one of the most individualistic and diverse composing styles of an advanced mechanical musician regardless of their nationality or gender. This LP compiles, for the first time, a multifarious selection of previously commercially unavailable instrumental music composed at her home studio in the late 70s before her untimely death at the age of 42. 

Originally designed for use in radio, film, TV and other industry specific applications, these seldom heard selections combine ingenious homemade and hi-tech disciplines, providing scores for Italian thrillers, nature documentaries, educational projects and commercial sound installations. Mastered from the vaults of the sought-after Deneb/Flirt/Canopo library labels (home to some of the rarest records by Fabio Frizzi, Giuliano ‘Raskovich’ Sorgini, Gerardo Iacoucci, Alessandro ‘Braen’ Alessandroni amongst others) these rare tracks reveal Daniela Casa in her most fertile environment (composing as a young mother) in both a solo capacity and alongside incredible Italian session musicians, often sharing release schedules and track lists with her maverick maestro husband Remigio Ducross. These multi-layered musical images remain as vibrant and authentic today as they did thirty-five years ago. Close your eyes and unravel the Sovrapposizione Di Immagini… 

Track Listings:
    1. Ricerca Della Materia 02:19
    2. Pericolo 03:08
    3. Dimensione Concreta 02:58
    4. Esodo 03:10
    5. Grosse Cilindrate 02:01
    6. Sport Orientali (Lotta) 01:06
    7. Avventura 03:38
    8. Visione Surreale 01:57
    9. Fabbrica 02:40
    10. Occultismo 03:28
    11. Vizio 03:25
    12. Fantastico 02:47
    13. Moto Cross 01:59
    14. Dimensione Astratta 02:15
    15. Ignoto 02:51
    16. Circo Del Bimbi 02:43
    17. Sovrapposizione Di Immagini 03:55
Artist Name(s):
Daniela Casa
Release Year: 2016
Ambient, Experimental, Jazz, Progressive, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Digital / Download, LP 33 1/3
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Finders Keepers Records
Catalog Number(s):
London, UK
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