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The Foley Artists

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Album release from Carrier - member of Clan Analogue Australia. A recording project with no less than 17 people working on the tracks and contributing an amazing array of skills on tuned percussion, drums, electric guitar, classical chinese harp (zheng), violin, flugal horn, concert harp, upright bass, timpani, turntables and synthesisers. The compositions are rich and wonderfully cinematic in style, amazing considering the d.i.y. electronic recording mentality that has brought the entire project together.

Track Listings:
    1. Hasselhoff 2:19
    2. Intro 1:23
    3. C.M.I. 3:13
    4. Cold 3:16
    5. Tabla Frenzy 3:27
    6. Boom 2:04
    7. Kartu 3:21
    8. Ann Martin's Taxi 2:56
    9. Mission 3:35
    10. Trailer 3:40
    11. Margaret (live at Revolver) 1:08
    12. SpyThriller 3:12
    13. Inflight Turntablist 2:48
    14. LookOut 3:24
    15. Splash 2:29
    16. Harold and Bobby 3:22
    17. Maddox 3:11
    18. Sun 2:10
    19. Sauce 1:33
    20. Ray Speaks 0:54
    21. Bees 4:07
Total Time: 50:00
Artist Name(s):
Mark Ireland, David Thomas Smith
Clan Analogue
Release Year: 2002
Electroacoustic, Experimental, Field Recordings, Minimal, Progressive, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Lisa Forbreau
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Clan Analogue
Catalog Number(s):
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Album Locator
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