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Vast Din

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At the end of 2019, Allen Myers had offered a new synthesizer for sale, and Ken Moore was his first customer. The Short Story Synthesizer , an eight-voice device capable of generating Shepard-Risset glissandos, random sweeps and FM modulated chaos, was limited to eight units. Along with the tam-tams that Ken had already collected in the Gong Room, the Short Story provided the perfect electronic complement.

Three of the pieces on VAST DIN are comprised of the Short Story Synthesizer played along with the tam-tams, and the other three pieces are SSS trio compositions. The sounds were fresh and unusual, so no other synthesizers were used on this recording. After VAST DIN, Ken went on to produce more albums using the Short Story, and the previous release, "Weather Ore Naught", was the first album to feature the Short Story in 2020.

Track Listings:
    1. Gong Room Story (5:46)
    2. It Came From Outer Space (9:12)
    3. Tam-tam Stories. (7:24)
    4. End Of The World 2012 (6:29)
    5. Interstellar Adventure (8:43)
    6. Feedback Aura (10:21)
Total Time: 47 minutes
Artist Name(s):
Ken Moore
Ken Moore / Anvil Creations
Release Year: 2020
Electroacoustic, Experimental
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Ken Moore
Engineer(s): Ken Moore
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Anvil Creations
Catalog Number(s):
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio USA
Editions / Reissues
  1. 2020 Anvil Creations. An alternating electronic and electroacoustic experiment with Short Story.
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