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Where Pathways Meet by PBK & John Wiggins

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Acousmatique is extremely excited to announce our first new catalog release.These sound design stalwarts form a tour de force on their new recording "Where Pathways Meet (1998-2001) Complete Sessions". In addition to the 9 tracks. This album includes 9 bonus tracks that are available with digital or CD purchases only.

Phillip B. Klingler (PBK) and John Wiggins have each had long careers in the experimental music scene beginning during the early years of the U.S. cassette underground in the 1980's. Their paths intersected along the way as both artists had records released on the legendary U.S. noise/electronic label, RRRecords.

Neither artist's style can be easily defined. 

John Wiggins is best known as an Emmy winning film and television sound designer, working for HBO and his own production company, Wonderland Sound. Wiggins is a master of the techniques of musique concrete, his experimental work often consists of painstakingly arranged synthetic and natural sounds that create extraordinary "living" audio environments. In 2017 Wiggins was one of the distinguished winners of "PRESQUE RIEN" Luc Ferrari Prize. 

Phillip B. Klingler is considered a pioneer of noise in the U.S., but has also been recognized for his work in the areas of ambient, drone and glitch music. He uses samples, turntable, analog and digital synthesizers to create dense structures of bizarre sonic origin. He has had numerous albums released and collaborated with the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Wolf Eyes, Dirk Serries, etc. 

Track Listings:
    1. PBKWIG #1 (4-01) 04:19
    2. DONE #2 (4-01) 06:27
    3. JAZZ BUDDHA #1 (3-99) 02:42
    4. UNTITLED #1 (9-98) 16:40
    5. BED VAC #1 (4-01) 05:24
    6. JAZZ BUDDHA #2 (3-99) 03:23
    7. UNTITLED #3 (8-98) 26:04
    8. JW BED #7 (2-98) 05:02
    9. PBK UNTITLED SOURCE (10-98) 06:31
    10. Extract 01 02 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 03:07
    11. Extract 01 02 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 03:15
    12. Extract 01 06 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 04:40
    13. Extract 02 06 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 05:19
    14. Extract 03 06 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 05:58
    15. Extract 01 09 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 05:48
    16. Extract 02 09 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 05:02
    17. Extract 03 09 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 09:46
    18. Extract 04 09 1998 - Bonus Track (bonus) 11:19
Artist Name(s):
John Wiggins
Release Year: 2018
Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Industrial, Minimal, Musique Concrète
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Jack Hertz
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
San Francisco, CA
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The two artists involved in this project show off their combined compositional maturity through the creation of unique tempered noise.  "Noise" in the sense of a chaos that lacks the usual tonalities, rhythms, and other patterns associated with what much of what the world considers "Music." But these pieces also generally lack the harshness of tones, the sharp-edged snaps, and pounding thumps that are often associated with "Noise."  (the track: "Untitled #1" is a bit of an exception in places). Instead, generally the tones, while they vary considerably in pitch, density, and timber, are very much muted and unabrasive.  The compositions offer rhythms and patterns, but they are unique to each piece, and their sounds harmonize in ways that have little to do with notation or key in the traditional sense.  

I offered the top "star" rating here, mainly because this website requires "star" ratings.  I suggest you ignore it and instead accept this recommendation:  -- this album will likely please listeners who are looking for something that will promote introspection and meditation, and in this respect, it exceeds most recordings that are branded "New Age" for that very reason.  Anyone unfamiliar with either Mr. Klingler or Mr. Wiggins would benefit from making their acquaintance through this collection of recordings.


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