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Antimon's Window by Antimon

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If I was to say at one point that every musician needs to do one piano album in his career ,than in this very moment in musical history it is the pop music and what is left of it that is very actual ,simply because it is the worst ever pop music we hear in the mainstream . Antimon in this wonderful release full of contrasts plays variations of pop , very musicaly crafted and yet any surgical precision is avoided so this mini album is more alive ,maybe a bit retro sounding and even experimental . The production doesn't make it sterile even when it does sound clean ,a bit of tape recording effect is present which fits really well in the instrumentals ,all in it's place .. so kind of proper for the new year thing eve , coming from the north ,a gift from Antimon and SHKART ,enjoy and have lovely time and ..er don't make lines .

Track Listings:
    1. Paalkran - 02:26
    2. Lines - 03:01
    3. Dodgy Diameters - 03:32
    4. Going There Together - 03:02
    5. Make It In Time - 04:12
    6. The Great Debate - 03:43
    7. Sunlight Washes Over Me - 03:27
    8. Thats Life - 03:33
Artist Name(s):
Release Year: 2011
Progressive, Space Rock, Synth-Pop
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Creative Commons
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
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