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Dans les pliures des rêves synclinaux by BERTHELOT

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Dans les pliures des rêves synclinaux (In the folds of synclineal dreams) presents short acousmatic pieces inspired by our intangible dreams and by those dream dusts that still exist when we awaken.

Recorded in February 2018 at Studio du Coin Cornu, Cœur de Beauce, France.

Sleeve design by Berthelot & Graph'Hypnotic.

Photography by Folkert Gorter/Superfamous Studios (CC Attribution 3.0).

Track Listings:
    01 - Pliure I (03:00)
    02 - Pliure II (03:00)
    03 - Pliure III (03:00)
    04 - Pliure IV (03:00)
    05 - Pliure V (03:00)
    06 - Pliure VI (03:00)
    07 - Pliure VII (03:00)
    08 - Pliure VIII (03:00)
    09 - Pliure IX (03:00)
    10 - Pliure X (03:00)
    11 - Pliure XI (03:00)
    12 - Pliure XII (03:00)
Total Time: 00:36:00
Artist Name(s):
Jean-Luc Hervé Berthelot
Release Year: 2018
Electroacoustic, Experimental, Field Recordings, Minimal, Musique Concrète
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Berthelot & Graph'Hypnotic
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
DNA Production
Catalog Number(s):
DNA 203
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These folded dreams are quite unique bits of sonic sculpture.  (I often dream melodies, many of which I have developed into songs.)  What sort of instrumentation/compositional tools did you use to construct these, Jean Luc?


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I use Pro Tools in grid mode (in milliseconds) and I paste my sounds on this grid, using a "sort of" song-structure (intro-movements-outro).
I have a giant library of sounds where I select some sounds "in the mood" of my project, and then I work like a "sculptor" with these sounds.

I always work in the same manner :
1 - selection of sounds
2 - improvisation in pasting sounds on the Pro Tools grid
3 - deep editing of sounds and arrangement of the piece.

But on most of my pieces, I keep the first "improvised" structure, the first "emotional" side.

Edited by Berthelot

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Thanks Jean-Luc for the quick reply.  I also often create sound sculptures in a similar manner, but most of the "library" for those pieces is made up of recordings that I originated myself with intruments (or non-instruments), voice, and original field recordings.  I often create these recordings "as needed" to shape the results that I have envisioned for a final result.  (I do sample a lot of verbiage from pre-recorded spoken word albums too -- my library of those items is extensive).  How much of your library is made of original sounds that you initially produced yourself?  What sort of sound generators do you use to produce these sounds?  (instruments, non instruments, ect.)

I appreciate any insights you can give here.  I will be sharing your comments with my radio audience in California soon, thanks!







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I produced ALL my sounds because I was a professional (retired now) sound-designer and ambient-designer for films, games and TV.
My "oldest" sounds was recorded with analog recorders, and the most recent with digital recorder.
For electronic sounds, in the past I used synth, and now I used (like many sound-designers) NI Reaktor with custom-built ensembles.

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