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How The West Was Once - Music From The Film

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How The West Was Once is full of cans opening, creepy humming, guitars, banjos, chimes, maybe vacuums, children’s toys, synths, and who knows what else, all layered on top of percussion which seems to be the only binding element throughout the record.

Track Listings:
    1 The Main Attraction 1:34
    2 There Is No Help 9:32
    3 An Oasis Of Mirages 3:18
    4 Sawdust Floor 3:00
    5 Pub Scene 2:20
    6 Injesting The Button 3:24
    7 Sin & Suffering Enterprise Adam 13:54
    8 Drinking With Kirk 2:50
    9 Main Theme 1:37
    10 Waiting For Dinner 4:21
    11 Foreboding 2:02
    12 The End 2:14
    13 Bonus Track - Tuna Talk 3:11
Artist Name(s):
Gary Young, Arthur Harrison, Brett Gross
Gary Young
Release Year: 2011
Noise, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Compact Disc
Cover & Packge Design:
Sarah Stillerman
Studio Name:
The Goon Studio
Mastering: Mark D'arlessandro
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Self released
Upper Marlboro, MD
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