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Harvestman - Music For Megaliths

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Ruins, monuments, and ancient sites of worship are multi-sensory experiences – at once residues of the sacred, the parchment on which the passage of time has been inscribed and templates for imaginative reconstruction, spaces in which to invest and immerse, to trade your bearings for an inexhaustible state of transition.

Recorded over a period of several years in the dawn hours of creation, Music For Megaliths is an aggregation of moments and recordings that have allowed themselves to spell out a greater whole. Utilizing repetition, manipulation and modulation, it’s a hallowed frequency dial that ranges across the pulse-regulated drone of The Forest Is Our Temple, revving up like a generator powered by arcane currents, the blissful gaze of Ring Of Sentinels, Sundown’s ominous waves of interference and White Horse’s rite of dissolution and regeneration, nomadic and devout. Music For Megaliths is a crossing over, whose multiple routes are testament to a singular and sensuously dilated vision.

Track Listings:
    1.The Forest Is Our Temple 07:14
    2.Oak Drone 06:12
    3.Ring of Sentinels 06:19
    4.Cromlech 04:00
    5.Levitation 06:18
    6.Sundown 06:06
    7.White Horse 04:46
Artist Name(s):
Steve Von Till - electric guitars, fuzz, hurdy gurdy, bass, synthesizers, filters, delays, grendel drone, commander, mutron, acoustic guitars, vocals.
Additional musicians - Jason Roeder - live drums on Levitation
Release Year: 2017
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Thomas Hooper
Studio Name:
The Crow's Nest
Mastering: Mastered by James Plotkin
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Neurot Recordings
Catalog Number(s):
NR 105
North Idaho
Editions / Reissues
  1. Neurot Recordings NR 105 US 2017
  2. Neurot Recordings NR 105 US 2017
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