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New Sound Element Stones - Emil Richards

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    Emil Richards' mid-1967 LP "New Sound Element: Stones' is a revelation, an absurd psychedelic proto-popcorn-pop delirium delivered on clavinet. mallets and moog. Plasticized percussions compete with ring-modulated vibes over elastic bass and sci-fi synthesis in this edifying and thoroughly unique amalgam

    Legendary percussionist Emil Richards has written twelve original compositions describing the twelve birthstones accompanied by the Moog Modular synthesizer and more, Some of the The instruments used were on this record include Dr. Irv Wilson's 22-tone-to-the-octave percussion instruments.

    Percussionist extraordinaire (and member of the infamous "Wrecking Crew') Emil Richards was at the crucible of 60s pop and film music playing on everything from the Beach Boys' Gccd Vibrations' to Jerry Goldsmith's -Planet Of The Apes'. Less known, but utterly essential, are Emil's own mid-late 1960s recordings of technicolor-jazz/early-electronics.
    Track Listings:
    Side A
    1 Garnet (January) 2:26
    2 Amethyst (February) 2:00
    3 Bloodstone (March) 2:19
    4 Diamond (April) 2:35
    5 Emerald (May) 2:25
    6 Moonstone (June) 2:12

    Side B
    1 Ruby (July) 2:33
    2 Sardonyx (August) 1:59
    3 Sapphire (September) 2:22
    4 Opal (October) 2:43
    5 Topaz (November) 2:00
    6 Turquoise (December) 2:21
    Artist Name(s):
    Bass – Bill Plummer
    Clavinet – Paul Beaver
    Drums – Joe Porcaro
    Moog Synthesizer – Paul Beaver
    Synthesizer – Emil Richards
    Percussion – Mike Craden
    Percussion Mallet Instruments – Emil Richards
    Piano – Dave Mackay
    Marshall Leib
    Release Year: 1966
    Electroacoustic, Jazz, Synth-Pop
    Album Type:
    LP 33 1/3
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Bernard Yeszin
    Engineer(s): Dave Weichman
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Universal City Records
    Catalog Number(s):
    Hollywood, CA USA
    Synthesizers Used
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