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Silver Apples of the Moon - Morton Subotnick

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    Early electronic music was made using wave generators and tape-manipulated sounds. Subotnick was among the first composers to work with electronic instrument designer Don Buchla. Buchla's modular voltage-controlled synthesizer, which he called the Electric Music Box and which was constructed partly based on suggestions by Subotnick and Sender,[6] was both more flexible and easier to use, and its sequencing ability was integral to Subotnick's music.

    At a time when electronic music was highly abstract, largely concerned with pitch and timbre, with rhythm an afterthought or of no consequence and patterns largely avoided, Subotnick broke with the academic avant-gardists by including sections with regular rhythms. Both Silver Apples and 1968's The Wild Bull (another Nonesuch-commissioned work for tape; they have since been combined on a Wergo CD) have been choreographed by dance companies around the world.

    In 1969 Subotnick was invited to be part of a team of artists to move to Los Angeles to plan a new school. Mel Powell as Dean, Subotnick as Associate Dean, and a team of four other pairs of artists carved out a new path of music education and created the now famous California Institute of the Arts. Subotnick remained Associate Dean of the music school for 4 years and then, resigning as Associate Dean, became the head of the composition program where, a few years later, he created a new media program that introduced interactive technology and multimedia into the curriculum. In 1978 Subotnick, with Roger Reynolds and Bernard Rands, produced 5 annual internationally acclaimed new music festivals.
    Track Listings:
    Part I – 16:30
    Part II – 15:00
    Total Time: 31:30
    Artist Name(s):
    Morton Subotnick
    Release Year: 1968
    Classical, Experimental, Minimal
    Album Type:
    Compact Disc, LP 33 1/3
    Cover & Packge Design:
    William S. Harvey, Anothony Martin
    Studio Name:
    NYU Studio
    Mastering: Michael Hoenig
    BMI, Copyright
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Catalog Number(s):
    New York City, NY USA
    Warner Elecktra
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