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What You Say Tells What You Are

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Voices, Improv, Collage, Magic...

All music in this collection was performed, recorded, engineered, edited, and produced by Charles Rice Goff III, except "Sensual Artless Beautiful," which was created in collaboration with Greg Segal, who added piano and synthesizer to a raw Goff recording, and who engineered the final result.

Some Specifics:

1  "Voxipedic Ambulator" was created for the album: "One Minute Symphony/Apologia De Los Insectos" (https://endogamic.bandcamp.com/album/one-minute-symphony-apolog-a-de-los-insectos), released by Endogamic/Antonio Murga in September, 2017.  

2  "Sweven" is a Goff III improvisation, created January 2, 2018.  The word "Sweven" means:  "a vision seen in sleep."

3  "Sensual Artless Beautiful" was created for the album: "Invisible Ground of Sympathy" by Greg Segal With Friends (http://www.gregsegal.com/invisiblegroundofsympathy.htm), released by Phantom Airship in August, 2017.

4  "Life's Unquiet Dream" was created in February, 2018, out of leftover building blocks from Goff's Taped Rugs album: "Tone Telegrams" (https://archive.org/details/ToneTelegrams), released in April, 2017.

5  "What Did You Do To My Dad?"  and "I Forgot My PIN Code" were created for the compilation album: "Twenty-Seven Years Later"  (https://generationsunlimited.bandcamp.com/album/twenty-seven-years-later), released by Generations Unlimited/Gen Ken Montgomery in October, 2017.

6  "Choir Ire For Facile Figs" is a Goff III improvisation, created January 6, 2018.  "Choir Ire Facile Figs" is an anagram of "Charles Rice Goff III."  The word "for" is a handy English preposition.

7  "Oligarchies Ice Riff" is a Goff III improvisation, created January 2, 2018. "Oligarchies Ice Riff" is an anagram of "Charles Rice Goff III."

8  "Catwalks In Sandusky Manor" is a segment of a much longer Goff III improvisation, recorded on August 15, 2017.  It was extracted to serve as the soundtrack for a video Goff produced in December, 2017, which features Goff's cats: Carmelita and Climbit.  A copy of the video is included in the online post, and a streamable online file is available here:  https://archive.org/download/WhatYouSayTellsWhatYouAre/CatwalksInSanduskyManor.mp4 .   The full-length improvisation from which this recording was extracted was released in January, 2018, on the Taped Rugs album "The Idea Of Hell In The Bible" (https://archive.org/details/TheIdeaOfHellInTheBible).

9  "Do It For Spiritual Fulfillment" was created for the compilation album: "Friends of Stilletid 2018" (https://stilletid.bandcamp.com/album/friends-of-stilletid-2018-compilation), released by Stilletid/Lasse Jensen in January, 2018. Goff also created the cover art for this album.

Track Listings:
    1 Voxipedic Ambulator
    2 Sweven
    3 Sensual Artless Beautiful
    4 Life's Unquiet Dream
    5 What Did You Do To My Dad?
    6 Choir Ire For Facile Figs
    7 I Forgot My PIN Code
    8 Oligarchies Ice Riff
    9 Catwalks In Sandusky Manor
    10 Do It For Spiritual Fulfillment
Artist Name(s):
Charles Rice Goff III
Charles Rice Goff III/Taped Rugs Productions
Release Year: 2018
Ambient, Experimental, Minimal, Musique Concrète, Ritual, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
C. Goff III
Engineer(s): C. Goff III
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Taped Rugs Productions
Kansas City, Kansas, USA
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