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Crossing Into The Electric Magnetic by Halim El-Dabh

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    Halim El-Dabh is an American composer of Egyptian origin, pioneer of electronic music, known for having composed one of the first pieces of electroacoustic music, "The Expression of Zaar", presented for the first time in Cairo in 1944, while In France, Pierre Schaeffer began his experiments in the field of what he later baptized concrete music. From "Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center" (1961) from the CD, Crossing Into The Electric Magnetic. Historic early recordings from an electronic music pioneer.

    All pieces on this CD were recorded in 1959 at the Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center with the following exceptions:

    • Track 3 was recorded in 1944 in the Middle East Radio Station of Cairo.

    • Track 9 is an excerpt from a piece that Halim recorded by walking around San Marco Basilica in Venice in 1961 with a reel-to-reel tape recorder. If you listen closely you can hear his little daughter cry out "Halim!" near the end of this excerpt.

    • Track 6 is an excerpt of a piece that was recorded in a New York art gallery circa 1974. This piece is a combination of manipulated audiotape and sound sculpture.
    Track Listings:
    1 Electronic Fanfare: Featuring – Otto Luening 7:07
    2 Alcibiadis' Monologue To Socrates 2:15
    3 Wire Recorder Piece 1:58
    4 Michael And The Dragon 4:58
    5 Meditation In White Sound 6:10
    6 Pirouette 3:16
    7 Element, Being And Primeval 7:27
    8 Electronics And The Word 2:46
    9 Venice 1:25
    10 Leiyla Visitations One 2:26
    11 Leiyla Visitations Two 3:25
    12 Leiyla Visitations Three 0:21
    13 Leiyla Visitations Four 4:04
    14 Leiyla Visitations Five 1:13
    15 Leiyla Visitations Six 5:06
    16 Leiyla Visitations Seven 1:34
    17 Leiyla Visitations Eight 3:18
    18 Leiyla Visitations Nine 2:58
    19 Leiyla Visitations Ten 4:19
    20 Leiyla Visitations Eleven 1:01
    21 Leiyla Visitations Twelve 1:31
    22 Leiyla Visitations Thirteen 4:35
    23 Leiyla Visitations Fourteen 0:36
    Artist Name(s):
    Halim El-Dabh
    Halim El-Dabh
    Release Year: 2000
    Ambient, Drone, Electroacoustic
    Album Type:
    Compact Disc
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Mike Hovancsek
    Mastering: Mike Hovancsek
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Without Fear
    Catalog Number(s):
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