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Headcandy - Brian Eno

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    Headcandy is the name given to a series of kaleidoscopic, psychedelic videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs created by Chris Juul and Doug Jipson. Their second release was called "Headcandy with music from Brian Eno", featuring exclusive music just for this release.

    The concept of Headcandy is kaleidoscopic, psychedelic visuals set to music and viewed while wearing a 3-D style pair of prismatic glasses. The film covering the lenses of the glasses refracts white light into a prism of color. When viewing Headcandy in a dark room it turns the monitor into a gigantic wall of color kaleidoscopic visuals.

    Headcandy album for sale by Brian Eno was released May 09, 1994 on the Ion - BMG label. HEADCANDY is an interactive CD-ROM and complete audio album on one CD. Track 1 is the computer data file for the CD-ROM. Tracks 2-6 are regular audio tracks that can be played on any CD player. This is the Macintosh/Compatible version of HEADCANDY.

    HEADCANDY is an interactive CD-ROM and full-length album on one CD. Placed into a CD-ROM drive, this disc will play the interactive Expanded Album version of HEADCANDY. In a standard audio CD player this disc will play the complete music album.

    Track 1 is the CD-ROM file for the interactive version. Tracks 2-6 are regular audio tracks that can be played on any CD player.

    Includes liner notes by Jennifer Omholt.

    All songs written by Brian Eno except "Manila Envelope" and "Beast" (Brian Eno/Robert Fripp).

    Headcandy brings us back full circle to the trippy light shows of the psychedelic '60s. Featuring a 30-minute dose of pleasing ambient/techno instrumentation (accessible via audio CD player or CD-ROM) courtesy of Brian Eno, the visual effects are multiplied throughout a darkened room by the refractive glasses included with the disc, similar to those cheapie cardboard 3-D movie throw-aways. Unless you must own everything that the prolific Mr. Eno has ever recorded, Headcandy makes an interesting one-time curiosity piece only, about as enduring as black light art. However, this might be practical software for those kind of parties where everyone is equipped with the requisite eyewear and fueled with mind-alterating substances. ~ Roch Parisien

    Personnel: Brian Eno; Robert Fripp (trumpet, guitar); Richard Bailey (drums); Geoffrey Oreyama (percussion).

    Each program is approximately 60 minutes in length.

    Hardware and software requirements
    Macintosh 68040 Quadra 605 or better
    Power PC compatible
    256 color display (640 x 480)
    Double speed CD-ROM drive
    8 MB RAM
    System 7.1
    Track Listings:
    1 Castro Haze 6:50
    2 Manila Envelope 7:20
    3 Spunk Worship 5:50
    4 Beast 5:50
    5 Alloy Balcony & Jets Overhead 14:00
    Total Time: 36:00
    Artist Name(s):
    Brian Eno.- synthesizer
    Robert Fripp.- Guitar, Trumpet Guitar
    Goeffrey Oryema.- Percussion
    Richard Bailey.- Drums
    Chris Juul, Doug Jipson
    Release Year: 1994
    Ambient, Jazz, Space Rock, Ritual
    Album Type:
    Generative App, Studio
    Compact Disc, DVD
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Lou Beach, Lynn Robb
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Catalog Number(s):
    ISBN 1-885245-02-5
    BMG Interactive
    Editions / Reissues
    1. 1994 - CD-ROM - Ion - ISBN 1-885245-02-5 - Germany
    2. 1994 - CDEX - BMG - 76896-40067-2 - US
    Synthesizers Used
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