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Indigo dreams by Steve Shehan

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"Indigo dreams" is an homage to the people that Steve Shehan had encountered in his travels around the world and also to the great authors, painters and sculptors from the past, present and even the possible future. It is a kaleidoscope of dreams and impressions, each related to an experience from his life's journey.

Track Listings:
    1 Spiritus Cantus 4:25
    2 Tonkinoise 3:34
    3 Amok 3:08
    4 Indigo Dreams 4:54
    5 Southern Attitudes 4:03
    6 Southern Latitude 0:35
    7 Antlia 3:35
    8 Evening Trip 3:18
    9 Far Away Love 4:05
    10 Caravan In Kachgar 3:40
    11 Bird Tribe 4:23
    12 Tjuringa 2:52
    13 Towards You 2:47
    14 Eta Carinae Nebula 3:51
    15 Nam Binh (Southern Peace) 4:38
    16 Cardinal Points 4:02
Artist Name(s):
Agnès Raina, Anabelle Mouloudji, Bundu Khan, Caroll Robinson, Dominique Figaro, Erich Kory, Ethyié Dimma, Fadouita Amine, Gazi Khan*, Hayat Mohmed*, Isabelle Drago, Jamey Haddad, J-Daniel Glorioso*, Kaludas Kamad, Karim Khan, Katy Milliken, Lakha Khan Manganiar*, Martyn Hill, Mulkan Khan, Niyaz Khan, Otman Othmani*, Pavel Plankà*, Qynn Hans, Qynn Tù, Steve Shehan, Sussan Deihim*, Vasken Solakian
Steve Shehan
Release Year: 1995
Ambient, Classical, Field Recordings, Minimal, Ritual, Symphonic
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
KV 2002
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