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Korla Pandit – Plays Music Of The Exotic East

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Korla Pandit's organ music was exotic and innovative. Even by today standards, the sounds he coaxed from these machines covered a range and subtlety rarely heard from the instrument. He was an expert musician who's calm cool demeanor translated to his music with an effortless with hypnotizing quality reminiscent of Asian the Middle Eastern musics.

Though often overlooked, Korla Pandit's his heavy use of international themes and melodies, at slow tempos contributed much to the 1950s music we know today as exotica and continues to captivate listeners over 50 years on.

Track Listings:
    Side A

    1 Kartikeya
    2 Love Song Of The Nile
    3 Harem Bells
    4 Procession Of The Grand Moghul

    Side B

    1 Kumar
    2 Tale Of The Underwater Worshippers
    3 Misirlou
    4 Kashmiri Love Song
    5 Song Of India
Artist Name(s):
Korla Pandit - Organ, Piano
Release Year: 1958
Jazz, Ritual
Album Type:
LP 33 1/3
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
San Francisco, CA, USA
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