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Sonik Kosmik - Music From Outer Space (2005) by Space Gambus Experiment

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"An observant reader will have noticed the word – Space in the title of this CD, as in The Space Gambus Experiment, and maybe scratched an itchy follicle or two on its significance. To put your inquisitive minds at rest, I am not referring to some post-hippy, pseudo-psychedelia, but in this case – real Space, as in ‘one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’, the National Space Agency and the planet Jupiter.

Among Kamal’s many projects as an artist and musician, and following his partiality to meld science with art, Kamal had worked as an ‘artist in residence’ at the Malaysian National Space Agency, between 2005 and 2006.

There he developed ‘Sonic Cosmic Music from Outer Space’, which was later performed at the planetarium. It was at the National Space Agency that Kamal began experimenting with radio waves, received through the radio telescope, from the planet Jupiter as it was orbiting over Malaysian skies. Some of that celestial material, along with the more traditional gambus music, graces this present album".
- Martin Bradley (DUSUN)

"Where does one go after making a self-titled debut which captures tantalising melodies from the gambus (lute) and the drones of the planet Jupiter among other musical things? Kamal, artist, poet, musician, filmmaker and sound art exponent, had already made a critically devastating impact in the art and music scene with the debut of Space Gambus Experiment (SGE). The album featured cosmic radio waves he had recorded when he was the artist-in-residence for the National Space Agency in 2005.

As a sound artist, Kamal had achieved his dream of recording sounds that did not eminate from this Earth. He then pursued his quest further by making music using said sounds and the sound of the stringed lute which he achieved through the help of his main collborator and gambus player Zulkifli Ramli.
There hasn't been an album to match the artistic achievements in Malaysia before or since the release of SGE".
-Rizal Johan (THE STAR)

Track Listings:
    1. Pengembara Cahaya feat Arcano 18 03:04
    2. 7 Ruang Kosong feat Lorenzo Pancini 02:55
    3. Dari Dalam Kalbu feat Jaakko Savolainen 03:23
    4. Gerhana feat Antonio Mainenti 03:19
    5. Pulang Kakanda Bulan feat Matt Middleton 03:43
    6. Sonik Al-Kosmik feat Gunhild Seim 04:00
Artist Name(s):
Kamal Sabran- Electroacoustic
Zulkifli Ramli - Oud

feat collaborators:
Adams james Davis (UK)
Alvari Lume (Finland)
Antonio Mainenti (Italy)
Arcano 18 (Ecuador)
Cathy Fern Lewis (Canada)
Derek Crofut (USA)
Goh Lee Kuang (Malaysia)
Gunhild Seim (Norway)
Jim Lefwich (USA)
Lily Taylor (USA)
Lorenzo Pancini (Italy)
Matt Middleton (New Zealand)
Masoud Takavar (Iran)
Markus Wenninger (German)
Zenmetalshirt (Switzerland)
Kamal Sabran, Teratak Nuromar
Release Year: 2013
Progressive, Ritual, Synth-Pop
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Studio Name:
National Space Agency Malaysia
Mastering: Kamal Sabran at Ipoh
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Space Gambus Experiment
Ipoh, Malaysia
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