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Planisphere - Solarized

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    Shortly after the success of Solarism, Belgium based Planisphere set out to create somewhat of a hybrid of Solarism with Solarized. This one contained exclusive unreleased material as well as different versions and mixes of tracks from the original album. Another fine collectors piece for any fan of electronic music.

    Laurent Véronnez aka as Airwave, is a Belgium-based progressive trance and electronic music artist. He has created hundreds of tracks for more than 35 projects. His work is most notable under his alias Airwave. He is also known as Lolo.
    Track Listings:
    1 Bitmap Sprite Beat Mix Planisphere 6:08
    2 Tokyo Triggerscape Original Mix Planisphere 8:11
    3 Nothing's Slave Acieed Mix Planisphere 6:39
    4 Simplified Original Mix Planisphere 6:54
    5 Alize Piege A Vent Mix Planisphere 8:11
    6 Lost In Moonshine Infinity Original Mix 7:40
    7 Spectrazoidesign Original Mix Planisphere 7:56
    8 Hosanna Beyond The Stars Original Mix Planisphere 8:11
    9 Lick-Tro-Phonik Original Mix Planisphere 6:39
    10 So Many Other Ways Original Mix Planisphere j7:40
    Artist Name(s):
    Laurent , Georges
    Release Year: 2016
    Ambient, EBM
    Album Type:
    Remix, Studio
    Digital / Download
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Bonzai Back Catalog
    Catalog Number(s):
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