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Motion P. Music - Henry Hektik

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Original 1987 tape scene album release by German composer Henry Hektik. Music is reminiscent of Cabaret Voltaire, Byrne and Eno's "My Life In a Bush of Ghosts" and other industrial artists of the time. The self-produced album features generous use of electronics, drum machine, tape loops, cut ups, and low-fi home recording techniques showcasing some of the best work from the 1980s home-taper cassette movement. The tape was re-issued 1988 on audiofile Tapes as aT #54 with additional material and remastering by Henry Hektik.

Track Listings:
    Side A
    1. Halwasa 4:24
    2. Nightwatch 7:40
    3. Hong Kong Wedding Night 7:26
    4. 0:13 0:13
    5. Spin 2:22
    6. G.O.2.M. 6:44
    7. Crossfade 1:12

    Side B
    1. Alpha Mental State 9:38
    2. 0:11 0:11
    3. Moondance 2:43
    4. Private Apocalypse 5:18
    5. Slow Glow 2:31
    6. T.B.A. 5:20
    7. Here Comes Escape
Artist Name(s):
Hnery Hektik, M. Finnkrieg, T. Winter
Hnery Hektik
Release Year: 1987
Dark, Progressive, Space Rock, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Cover & Packge Design:
Henry Hektik, David V.
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Deaf Eye
Berlin, Germany
Editions / Reissues
  1. 1987 - Deaf Eye - Self- Released
  2. 1988 - AT Tapes #54 - Remixed and Extended to C60
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