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Nerve Net - Brian Eno

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    Nerve Net is the twelfth solo studio album by British musician Brian Eno. It marked a return to more rock-oriented material, mixed with heavily syncopated rhythms, experimental electronic compositions and an occasional touch of jazz. The ambient sensibility is still present on several tracks, though it is often darker and moodier than the pieces Eno is best known for.

    Cover from 'Geological Cinema' an installation by Brian Eno, 1992.
    Track Listings:
    1 Fractal Zoom 6:24
    2 Wire Shock 5:27
    3 What Actually Happened? 4:41
    4 Pierre In Mist 3:47
    5 My Squelchy Life 4:02
    6 Juju Space Jazz 4:26
    7 The Roil, The Choke 5:00
    8 Ali Click 4:13
    9 Distributed Being 6:10
    10 Web 6:21
    11 Web (Lascaux Mix) 9:44
    12 Decentre 3:26
    Total Time: 64:25
    Artist Name(s):
    Robert Ahwai – Guitar
    Peter Anderson – Guitar
    Richard Bailey – drums
    Duchess Nell Catchpole – vocals, Voices
    Ian Dench – drum loop
    Markus Dravs – Drums, Drum programming, Treatments
    Wayne Duchamp – Alto Saxophone
    Brian Eno – Organ, Synthesizer, Bass Guitar, Guitar, keyboards, Tenor Saxophone, Vocals, Voices, Multi Instruments, Treatments, African Organ, Animal Sounds, Arabesque
    Roger Eno – Piano, Sampling
    Robert Fripp – Guitar
    John Paul Jones – Piano
    John May – Voices, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
    Rod Melvin – Piano
    Sugarfoot Moffett – Drums
    John Moorby – Voices, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
    Alice Ngukwe – Tenor Saxophone
    Winston Ngukwe – Conga
    Isaac Osapanin – Conga
    Anita Patel – Voices, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
    Sunita Patel – Voices, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
    Yogish Patel – Voices, Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part
    Curtis Pelican – Trumpet
    Robert Quine – Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
    Cecil Stamper III – Drums
    Benmont Tench – percussion
    Christine West-Oram – Vocals
    Jamie West-Oram – Guitar, Rhythm Guitar
    Romeo WIlliams – Bass Guitar
    Brian Eno, Markus Draws
    Release Year: 1992
    Experimental, Progressive, Synth-Pop
    Album Type:
    Compact Disc, LP 33 1/3
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Brian Eno, Greg Jakobek, Peter Bech Sorensen
    Studio Name:
    LA: Ground Control. London: Westside, Abbey Road, Eastcote, Sam Therapy. Woodbridge: Wilderness.
    Mastering: Arun Chakraverty at The Master Room
    Engineer(s): Ben Fenner, Markus Draws, Sid Wells, Chris Fuhrman
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Opal Records
    Catalog Number(s):
    9 45033-2
    Essex, England
    Warner Bros.
    Synthesizers Used
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    [+] Reverb.com

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Jack Hertz

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I felt this album was lacking when it came out in 1992, and even more so when I listen to it now. For me, its lacks all the things that make Brian Eno and many of the musicians on this album special. The compositions feel uninspired. The synth programming is boring and redundant. The production sounds muddy and flat. Maybe it is just me, but I'm not sure I would even recognize this as Eno's work if I wasn't told.  

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