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Galaxie Cygnus-A by Robert Schröder

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On the occasion of the world known ARS-Electronica (Linz / Austria) the LP GALAXY CYGNUS A was produced and published in 1982. GALAXY CYGNUS A was also the title of a multi-media show, an optical-acoustic event with look into the space, which Robert Schroeder had performed for the first time together with a German SF-author in 1982 on the ARS-Electronica in Linz (with TV shows in Austria
and the FRG).

GALAXY CYGNUS A is an interpretation and composition to the "noises" of the radiogalaxy of the same name in the sign of the zodiac swan. The white noises of these 1.05 milliard light years distant radio-galaxy was received with the worldwide biggest movable radio telescope (Effelsberg / Eifel /FRG) and was taped. For Schroeder this was the first project abroad.

With the biggest movable radio telescope in mountain Effelsberg/ Eifel/ FRG space sounds of the 1.05 milliard light years of distant radio-galaxies from the sign of the zodiac swan were received. They served as a base and inspiration for Schroeder galactical work … traditional electronic music of the finest kind.

The LP Galaxy Cygnus A became in 26.Sept.1982 on the occasion of the ARSElectronica in Linz Austria performed for the first time (with TV transference in Austria and the FRG and a special broadcasting of the TV broadcasting "aspecte").

Track Listings:
    Side A
    1 Galaxie Cygnus-A / Teil 1 4:35
    2 Galaxie Cygnus-A / Teil 2 8:32
    3 Galaxie Cygnus-A / Teil 3 3:13
    4 Galaxie Cygnus-A / Teil 4 2:50

    SIde B
    1 Galaxie Cygnus-A / Teil 5 10:05
    2 Galaxie Cygnus-A / Teil 6 6:38
    3 Galaxie Cygnus-A / Teil 7 2:32
Total Time: 38:25
Artist Name(s):
Robert Schröder - Electronics, Keyboards, Arrangement, Composition
Michael Weisser - Voice [Textstimme]
Klaus Schulze
Release Year: 1982
Ambient, Minimal, Progressive, Space Rock, Soundtrack
Album Type:
LP 33 1/3
Cover & Packge Design:
Michael Weisser
Studio Name:
Engineer(s): Robert Schröder
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Innovative Communication
Catalog Number(s):
KS 80 021
P.O.E.M. Musikverlag
Editions / Reissues
  1. 1984 - LP - Racket Records - RRK 15.023 - Germany
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