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Scott Lawlor & Friends Volume 1

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Studio is pleased to present the first Scott Lawlor & Friends collaboration compilation album! The first in a series. This excellent album is comprised of 16 ambient and eclectic collaborative tracks with Scott and various artist friends. Over 3 hours of music! Enjoy!!

Notes from the artist:

This is the first volume of what will hopefully become an on-going series of collaborative efforts.
Inspired by the wildly popular and successful "Cousin Silas and Friends" concept, I have decided to try something similar myself with collaborators old and new.

In this first volume, which was recorded between March and May of 2017, you'll hear collaborations among many musicians and sound alchemists who I have worked with over the years as well as new people who I have had the pleasure to work with for the first time.
My deep gratitude goes to each of them for giving me the opportunity to work with them and improvise over their excellent sounds and drones.

Track Listings:
    1. Scott Lawlor & Carey Moore - The Fall Of Every Drop Of Rain 05:23
    2. Scott Lawlor & EugeneKha - Forest World 08:07
    3. Scott Lawlor & Candy L - The Remission Of Ancient Spirits 08:14
    4. Scott Lawlor & Scott Snee - Between Oceans 08:28
    5. Scott Lawlor & Glenn Sogge - Collision With Contingency 07:50
    6. Scott Lawlor & Aloesia - Fractals 09:01
    7. Scott Lawlor & Candy L - The Twilight Hours Descend 11:21
    8. Scott Lawlor & Det0une - N1gh7x 09:34
    9. Scott Lawlor & Jack Hertz - Claude's Caravan 17:41
    10. Scott Lawlor & Ian Haygreen - Eternal Memories Of The Void 24:55
    11. Scott Lawlor & Cousin Silas - Drifting Between Stellar Masses 19:55
    12. Scott Lawlor & Noctilucant - The Light Is Dead And So Are You 23:16
    13. Scott Lawlor & Nox Intempesta - Perpetual Emptiness 10:25
    14. Scott Lawlor & Tore Aune Fjellstad - Complexities Of The Human Heart 15:44
    15. Scott Lawlor & The Gateless Gate - Arctic Sunrise 08:30
    16. Scott Lawlor & Wings Of An Angel - Empirical Application Of Anti-Matter 15:02
Artist Name(s):
See track listings.
Release Year: 2017
Ambient, Dark, Drone, Experimental
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Creative Commons
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Studio 4632
New York, New York
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