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Atlantis: A Symphonic Journey - David Arkenstone

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    Atlantis: A Symphonic Journey is an album by David Arkenstone, released in 2004. The album is based on the legend of the lost civilization of Atlantis. Once again Arkenstone combines elements of new age and world music with an orchestral, cinematic flair.

    Track Listings:
    "The Dream of the Gods" – 4:44
    "Tower of Light" – 6:08
    "In the Gardens of the Citadel" – 4:08
    "The Temple of Poseidon" – 4:19
    "Jewel of the Sea" – 3:33
    "Festival of the Goddess" – 4:09
    "The Painted Sails" – 5:47
    "Across the Great Oceans" – 5:37
    "Fire and Water" – 5:30
    "Below the Ocean – The Spirit of Atlantis" – 6:57
    Total Time: 51:08
    Artist Name(s):
    David Arkenstone – keyboards, guitar, mandolin, drums, percussion, flutes, fretless bass, piano
    Seth Osburn – conductor, percussion
    Harry Scorzo, Terry Glenny, J'anna Jacoby, Tom Vos, Lisa Dondlinger, Erlinda Romero – violin
    Alexis Carreon, Alma Fernandez, Briana Bandy – viola
    Peggy Baldwin, Ira Glansbeek – cello
    Cathy Larson – flutes
    David Kossoff – oboe, English horn
    Kourosh Zolani – santour
    John Wakefield – percussion
    Miriam Stockley – vocals
    David Arkenstone
    Release Year: 2004
    Soundtrack, Symphonic
    Album Type:
    Compact Disc, Digital / Download
    Cover & Packge Design:
    TRIKE Creative, Michael Page
    Studio Name:
    The Bamboo Room, Dunrite Prod.,Castle Oaks Studios
    Engineer(s): Dan Adam, Mike Aarvold
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Virgin Music, Narada
    Catalog Number(s):
    Synthesizers Used
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