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Suzanne Ciani The Velocity of Love

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It was 1985, and Suzanne Ciani, America's foremost sound designer, had just come out of the studio where she had recorded a song that would top every instrumental radio request list around the country and spark a fire that would ultimately come to be known as the New Age movement. Now, ten years later, the song "The Velocity of Love" remains a staple of Adult Contemporary radio. Listeners around the world have fallen in love and even married to this enduring, classic anthem of love and romance. Not surprisingly, "Velocity" has become Suzanne's signature song.

The Velocity of Love is not all about one incredible song, however. The whole album is a seamless tapestry of soothing yet soaring beauty and romance. The magnificent collaboration between Suzanne and Vangelis on the tracks "Lay Down Beside Me," "Malibuzios," and "History of My Heart," is particularly satisfying and timeless. Even a casual listener will deeply feel the music, as well as hear it -- but Suzanne strongly recommends a fire, candlelight, and two sets of headphones!

Suzanne began her life with music at the age of seven when her mother brought home a collection of classical albums from a neighborhood fire sale. As the third of six children in a busy suburban household near Boston, Suzanne found her own space by teaching herself to play the piano and to read music.

As an undergraduate at Wellseley College, Suzanne began dividing her time between performance and composition. She also began her fascination with technology when one of her classes took a field trip to nearby M.I.T., where a professor demonstrated his early attempts to make a computer produce the sound of a violin. Upon graduation, she went to the University of California at Berkeley to continue her studies in composition. She received her Masters Degree in composition there, but more importantly, at nearby Stanford University and Mills College, she met three of the founders of electronic music: John Chowning, Max Matthews and Don Buchla.

Suzanne became entranced with the ability to produce music with a machine, and she became a devotee of synthesizers for the next two decades. She has often joked that for at least ten years she was essentially married to her Buchla synth, and in fact she did leave the massive machine running for months at a time, programming it to compose and play endless compositions.

Suzanne believes that the synthesizer should follow its own course as an instrument, but her position ultimately lost out to those who wanted simple machines that duplicated the sounds of other instruments and had preset voices. As this change in the world of electronic music and instruments came about, Suzanne found herself returning to classical instrumentation in support of her melodies, culminating in her Grammy-nominated album for piano and orchestra, "Dream Suite." This same sensibility is evident in "Pianissimo II" and "Turning" as well.

Track Listings:
    1 The Eighth Wave 5:07
    2 Lay Down Beside Me 8:27
    3 The Velocity Of Love 4:31
    4 Malibuzios 8:51
    5 History Of My Heart 9:48
Artist Name(s):
Suzanne Ciani
Release Year: 1986
Ambient, Symphonic
Album Type:
Cassette, Compact Disc, Digital / Download, LP 33 1/3
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
RCA Red Seal
Catalog Number(s):
Berkeley, CA
Editions / Reissues
  1. RCD1-7125 US 1986
  2. 01005 82085-4 Saudi Arabia 1986
  3. RCA Red Seal AMK1-7125 US 1986
  4. RCA Red Seal RL87125 Germany 1986
  5. RCA Red Seal AML1-7125 US 1986
  6. RCA Red Seal AML1-7125 US 1986
  7. Private Music 3962 - 2 - XC Asia 1991
  8. Private Music 262517 Europe 1991
  9. Private Music 01005-82085-2 US 1991
  10. Private Music 01005-82085-4 US 1991
  11. Private Music 01005-82085-4 Canada 1991
  12. Seventh Wave (2) GA 011 Italy 1995
  13. Seventh Wave (2) SWP7003-2 US 1995
Synthesizers Used
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