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The Garden of Emotions

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The Garden of Emotions is a studio album by Brazilian composer and keyboard player Eloy Fritsch. The CD presents symphonic themes with choirs, analog and digital synths dominating. It contains a varied selection of high-energy tracks. Solar Energy introduces a spacier atmosphere, with phasing pads and Berlin School sequences. The Beyond the Mountains is a very cinematic and return to the Classically inspired structures, with an extra Ethnic elements. Electric Light is synthetic with insisting sequences, vocoder and a simple repeating melodic theme. Flute, marimba sound and percussion welcome the coming of Savage before a melodic synth theme appears. Space Station is another foray into a purely synthetic world. The Canyon of Hope finishes this album with flowing synths, symphonic textures and a reflective e-piano.

Track Listings:
    "The Garden Of Emotions - Part I"
    "The Garden Of Emotions - Part II"
    "The Garden Of Emotions - Part III"
    "The Garden Of Emotions - Part IV"
    "The Garden Of Emotions - Part V"
    "The Garden Of Emotions - Part VI"
    "Lumine Solis"
    "Solar Energy"
    "Beyond Mountains"
    "Electric Light"
    "Space Station"
    "The Canyon of Hope"
Total Time: 70
Artist Name(s):
Eloy Fritsch
Eloy Fritsch
Release Year: 2009
Epic, Progressive, Space Rock
Album Type:
Compact Disc
Cover & Packge Design:
Edgar Franco
Engineer(s): Marcos Abreu
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Musea/Dreaming and Sonhos & Sons.
Catalog Number(s):
3 426300 084668
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