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Tangerine Dream - Tyranny of Beauty

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Tyranny Of Beauty is Tangerine Dream's 1995 album and their 51st release. By this time TD consisted of original founder Edgar Froese and his son Jerome, and musician Linda Spa, who'd been a member since 1992, along with various guest musicians performing throughout the album. Like the previous releases Rockoon 1992 and Turn Of The Tides 1994, this album takes a similar path but with new branches, textures, and ideas. The album also features a refreshed version of the title track Stratosfear. Updated to a more rocky yet still very new electronic of the day.

The album has different moods and turns. From a vinyl perspective it seems to be an even split taking on a different feel starting at track 6 and continuing until the album concludes. The sound is a more subdued mix more than anything else but the tempos do wind a bit more in the second half bringing the listener in easy.

Track Listings:
    Catwalk 7:21
    Birdwatcher's Dream 6:52
    Little Blond In The Park Of Attractions 6:57
    Living In A Fountain Pen 6:59
    Stratosfear 1995 5:08
    Bride In Cold Tears 4:53
    Haze Of Fame 8:30
    Tyranny Of Beauty 6:35
    Largo 4:12
Artist Name(s):
Edgar Froese — recording engineer, composer, musician, producer
Jerome Froese — recording engineer, composer, musician
Linda Spa — musician
Peter Baumann — composer "Stratosfear"
Christopher Franke — composer "Stratosfear"
Christian Gstettner — recording engineer, composer
Gerald Gradwohl — musician
George Frideric Handel — composer "Largo"
Mark Hornby — musician
Edgar Froese
Release Year: 1995
EBM, Jazz, Symphonic
Album Type:
Cassette, Compact Disc, LP 33 1/3
Cover & Packge Design:
Robert Dietz, Tadream Vision Berlin, Monique Froese
Studio Name:
Eastgate Studios
Mastering: Edgar Froese
Engineer(s): Christian Gstettner, Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese,
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
0 9006-23046-2
Vienna, Austria
Editions / Reissues
  1. 0 9006-23046-2 US 1995
  2. 7243 8 40275 2 0, 7243 840275 2 0, 840275 2 Europe 1995
  3. AMP Records AMP-CD 027 UK 1995
  4. Miramar MPCD3046 US 1995
  5. Les Folies Art LFAD 1235 Italy 1995
  6. Nuevos Medios NM 35 672 CD Spain 1995
  7. Miramar 09006-23046-4 US 1995
  8. TDI Music TDI002CD Austria 1996
  9. TDI Music TDI CD020 Germany 1999
  10. Documents, Eastgate 232652 Germany 2009
Synthesizers Used
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