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Determined To Be Uncertain - Johan Troch

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    Almost exactly one year after the release of Infinite Distances, there's the release of a brand new album. I want to thank all the contributors for making this album possible.
    Track Listings:
    1. We Were Forgotten 4:22
    2. Secrets Of The Unknown 3:52
    3. Permafrost 04:43
    4. On Hold (free) 04:13
    5. Seize Everything You Wanted 5:47
    6. Sketch 5 4:56
    7. Long Before Dawn 5:49
    8. The Declaration Of Independence 3:23
    9. Frequently Returning 7:21
    10. Left Handed Tools 3:35
    11. Sustained Efforts 3:58
    12. Do You Wonder Sometimes 4:17
    13. Behind The Screen 5:19
    Artist Name(s):
    writer & production: Johan Troch
    piano: Chris Neal (USA)
    drums: Jim Dooley (USA)
    guitar: Mark Holmogortsev (Ukraine)
    fretless bass: Damian Coccio (USA)
    e-bow guitars: Mirza Begovic (USA)
    e-bow guitars: Bill Vencil (USA)
    percussion-loop: Bjorn Chapman (UK)
    guitars: Mikhail Medvedev (Rus)
    flugelhorn: Steve Dillard (USA)
    violin: Kevin Yen (USA)
    Johan Troch
    Release Year: 2017
    Ambient, Jazz
    Album Type:
    Digital / Download
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