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Jon Johnson - Hopeless Romantic

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"All one can say is hurrah for Hollywood!"

Jon Johnson's 2008 release "Hopless Romantic" is a little bit of everything served up lyrically with a healthy dose of nostalgia, romance, cynicism, and tongue in cheek humor to get by.

Once again the Korg OASYS Music Workstation is the studio center piece for a lot of the material and foundation of the project however its the first and only JJ album that Pro Tools was used from beginning to end. Some of the songs were started during the previous two releases and put in the idea folder for further study.

Most of the music is along the lines of Progressive-Electronic flavors. From the opening track "Greaser" a nod back to the 1950's to the autobiographical title song it may be thought of all over the place. It was recorded during another endless general election year in America and some of the angst and frustration of that came through in the music and lyrics.

Track Listings:
    1. Greaser 03:32
    2.Hodge Podge 06:16
    3.Treason 06:29
    4.Happens 05:22
    5.Egos 05:27
    6.Hopeless Romantic 05:08
    7.Positive Remains 08:32
    8.Oblivion45 04:49

Total Time: 45:33
Artist Name(s):
Jon Johnson
Mr LongWind & Kaptan Karl
Release Year: 2008
Ambient, Progressive
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
DuckWave Records
Catalog Number(s):
Damascus, MD USA
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I've listened a couple of times to this one today.  It has a way of building up for me -- each song seems a little more interesting than its predecessor (not that the first ones are "bad", ha!) -- an adventure well worth taking.  The song arrangements are exquisite, musicianship top notch from the drum arrangements to the bass lines to the often mysterious keys to the lovely guitar bits.  The vocals are also well produced, and while I haven't yet absorbed all the lyrics, what I have absorbed is intriguingly phylosophic.  It's indeed GREAT to have a vocal/lyrical electronic album on this site -- I wish there were more. 

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