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Suspiria Soundtrack - Goblin

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The soundtrack to the film Suspiria was composed and performed by the Italian band Goblin. Goblin's score to Dario Argento's Suspiria is a timeless, horrifying ride into crazed vibes and buzzing progressive rock. Billed as The Complete Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, this edition goes a bit overboard in its four redundant extra tracks. Before those final additions, Goblin kicks out the jazz-rock jams with cool aplomb and creates a number of genuinely unnerving compositions. Argento fans will swoon being able to hear Suspiria's terror centerpieces "Suspiria," "Witch," and "Sighs." "Suspiria" might contain some dated keyboard work, but the music rings like a demonic version of the score to The Exorcist. A wicked voice chants and hums along to the melody, before the song takes a prog rock departure nearly three minutes in. The song turns into something that Trans Am or their contemporaries might concoct on a better day; in that sense, Goblin's music is ahead of its time. "Witch" is equally creepy; it's the song that acts as the background to the movie's demented opening sequence. The song is as cinematic in its scope as Argento's brutal visuals. "Sighs" might one of the scariest songs ever recorded. Sounding like a throbbing didgeridoo nightmare, it's a monument to tension and suspense. On the remainder of the album, Goblin mostly strives for a cool jazz-rock hybrid. Suspiria works best for fans of the film, who will appreciate the terror of the songs more than newcomers who haven't experienced Argento's darkest creation. The score is as enjoyable removed from the movie as it is attached. Suspiria is quite an achievement, as a scary soundtrack and as a vibe-heavy rock album.

Track Listings:
    LP Edition

    Side A
    1 Suspiria
    2 Witch
    3 Opening To The Sighs
    4 Sighs

    Side B
    1 Markos
    2 Black Forest
    3 Blind Concert
    4 Death Valzer

    CD Edition

    "Suspiria" – 6:01
    "Witch" – 3:12
    "Opening to the Sighs" – 0:32
    "Sighs" – 5:16
    "Markos" – 4:05
    "Black Forest" – 6:08
    "Blind Concert" – 6:16
    "Death Valzer" – 1:51
    Bonus tracks
    "Suspiria (Celesta and Bells)" – 1:34
    "Suspiria (Narration)" – 1:48
    "Suspiria (Intro)" – 0:32
    "Markos" (alternate version) – 4:09

    2007 digipak edition track listing

    "Suspiria" – 6:01
    "Witch" – 3:12
    "Opening to the Sighs" – 0:32
    "Sighs" – 5:16
    "Markos" – 4:05
    "Black Forest" (Blind Concert Original Film Edit) – 12:35
    "Death Valzer" – 1:51
    "Suspiria (Celesta and Bells)" – 1:34
    "Suspiria (Narration)" – 1:48
    "Suspiria (Intro)" – 0:32
    "Markos" (alternate version) – 4:09
    "Suspiria" (alternate version) – 3:51
Total Time: 40:24
Artist Name(s):
Agostino Marangolo - drums, percussion, vocals
Massimo Morante - Electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bouzouki, vocals
Fabio Pignatelli - Fender Precision Bass (fretless), Rickenbacker bass (fretted), tabla, acoustic guitar, vocals
Claudio Simonetti - Mellotron (presets: 3-Violins, church organ and 8-Choir), Elka organ, Logan violin, Celesta, Fender Rhodes electric piano, grand piano, Moog synthesizers (Minimoog and System 55)
Antonio Marangolo - Saxophone (on "Black Forest")
Maurizio Guarini (uncredited) - Additional keyboards, including the Moog synthesizers and other keyboards listed on Roller
Felice Fugazza
Release Year: 1977
Progressive, Space Rock
Album Type:
Cassette, Compact Disc, LP 33 1/3
Studio Name:
Orthophonic Recording Studio, Roma
Engineer(s): Pino Mastroianni
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Catalog Number(s):
Bixio C.e.m.s.a. Srl
Editions / Reissues
  1. Suspiria ‎(LP, Album) Cinevox MDF 33.108 Italy 1977
  2. Suspiria ‎(Cass, Album) Cinevox MDFK 108 Italy 1977
  3. Suspiria ‎(CD, Album, RE) Cinevox CD-CIA 5005 Italy 1987
  4. Suspiria ‎(CD, Album, RE) Cinevox CD MDF 615 Italy 2007
Synthesizers Used
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