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The Advocate - Jon Johnson

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This album was recorded and composed throughout most of early 2001 and first released in August the same year. It lost most of it's momentum due to the attacks of September 11th and my father's death from cancer all at the same time.It was again re-launched in January 2002. the track "Shaft Of Light" was featured in a 2004 Easter Sunday play in Ohio and was orginally performed live at Damascus United Methodist Church in March 2001. The music is sometimes a hodgepodge of unrelated songs. From Chaotic inspiration like on "Panic Button" to the Australian Outback such as the most popular tune of the album "Out From The Inback" to peaceful bliss of "Spirit Flotation Device".

This album closes out a series of albums and musical performances I did between 1998 through 2001. I referred to it at the time as "Spiritual Space Music" or what some might call "a religious themed" period of my musical life. This is true but it goes beyond that in my catalog of music under my belt.

Track Listings:
    1.Shaft Of Light 07:22
    2.Panic Button 05:14
    3.Fearless 05:41
    4.Stolen Thunder 07:58
    5.Out From The Inback 07:46
    6.Megan's Chinese Anthem 03:40
    7.The Turn Around(Repentance) 03:30
    8.By Our Love (free) 03:55
    9.Spirit's Flotation Device 04:31
    10.Vertical Rejoinder 02:52
Artist Name(s):
Jon Johnson
Mr LongWind & Kaptan Karl
Release Year: 2001
Ambient, Berlin, Experimental, Progressive, Symphonic
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Jon Johnson
Studio Name:
DuckWave Studios
Mastering: Mr LongWind
Engineer(s): Kaptan karl
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
DuckWave Records
Damascus, MD USA
Synthesizers Used
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