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Ruins And Relics - Glenn Sogge & Candy L

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    The collaborative creation of artists Glenn Sogge & Candy L, Ruins And Relics is an excursion into darker ambient and experimental sound designs. Based on actual, now abandoned destinations, and the spirits that there may linger. Enjoy!
    Track Listings:
    1. Terminal TW 11:03
    2. Who Or What Remains At Heiden 17:14
    3. The Death Of Randall Park Mall 12:11
    4. A Haunted Temple At Ankgor Wat 15:32
    5. They Who Walk The Halls At Mercy 09:00
    6. The Old Ferris Wheel At Trinity Loop 08:29
    Artist Name(s):
    Glenn Sogge
    Candy L
    Release Year: 2017
    Ambient, Minimal
    Album Type:
    Digital / Download
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Candy L
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Studio 4632
    New York, New York USA
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