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Stranger Things - Volume Two - Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein

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Volume 2 of the Stranger Things soundtrack released a week after Volume 1 in late September, features 75 minutes worth of half the band Survive's Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein's synthesizer adventures. A bonus with this release is an extended version of the critically acclaimed title track. Much of the music is a continuation of the sometimes haunting and ethereal to ambient driven atmospheres of Volume 1.

Just nominated for a Grammy, the music creators, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein use lots of vintage synthesizers and samplers of the 1983 era the series takes place in. From the infectious opening song, each piece invites a certain nostalgia while offering a refresh of what modern synth soundtracks can do.

Track Listings:
    Hopper Sneaks In 1:38
    I Know What I Saw 2:43
    Rolling Out The Pool 1:12
    Over 1:38
    Gearing Up 1:57
    Flickering 0:46
    First Kiss 1:46
    Crying 1:16
    Walking Down The Tracks 0:54
    Where's Barb? 1:57
    Speak Of The Devil 2:49
    Danger Danger 2:57
    Tribulations 1:13
    Flashback 1:37
    Kids Two 2:56
    Talking To Australia 0:59
    Night Of The Seventh 1:35
    See Any Rain? 0:41
    Coffee & Contemplation 1:12
    Inside The Black Room 1:27
    Starts To Rain 1:33
    Eleven Is Gone 1:54
    Time For A 187 0:57
    Something In The House 2:08
    Still Pretty 1:50
    Abilities 1:32
    Tendril 0:26
    They Found Us 3:00
    Bad Men 1:06
    Spiked Bat 1:17
    Making Contact 2:01
    What Do You Know? 1:54
    It's Not My Boy 2:07
    Something In The Wall 1:35
    Let's Go 0:38
    Leap Of Faith 3:30
    In Pursuit 2:17
    Breaking And Entering 4:52
    Stranger Things (Extended) 5:25
Artist Name(s):
Kyle Dixon & Micheal Stein
Release Year: 2016
Ambient, Dark, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download, LP 33 1/3
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Lakeshore Records
Catalog Number(s):
Los Angeles, CA
Editions / Reissues
  1. 2xLP, Album LKS348562
  2. CD INV177CD
  3. 39xFile, AAC, Album, 256 - Lakeshore Records
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