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THE ABSTRACT - Muied Lumens

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It’s 2098. Everybody has implants which allows them to stay permanently connected to the net directly through their consciousness. In the world of humans, everything seems to be happening simultaneously online and offline with no clear boundaries between the two realities. Separating what is real from what is virtual has lost much of its meaning.

Many types of neural interconnection engines exist, but one of them is completely unlike the others; first intended as a learning algorithm to interpret dreams, it has evolved into something entirely different. The Abstract is an autonomous AI program which interfaces with the dreaming brain, getting its information directly from the subconscious while at the same time uniting other dreamers and feeding its data back to them. From this network of dreaming people a new reality is emerging. Ruled by the subconscious, it is an irrational world in constant flux, fuelled by primal instincts and ancient archetypes.

Track Listings:
    1. Part 1 - Layers of Abstraction 25:13
    2. Part 2 - Unseen Machines 22:31
    3. Part 3 - Dawn of a Forest Fire 18:05
Artist Name(s):
Muied Lumens
Release Year: 2017
Ambient, Electroacoustic
Album Type:
Compact Disc, Digital / Download
Cover & Packge Design:
Muied Lumens
Creative Commons
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Aural Films
Catalog Number(s):
AF0181, AFCD049
San Francisco, CA, USA
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