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Mars Everywhere - Industrial Sabotage

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    Good things happen once apparently.

    It was bound to happen. A genuine performing space band has emerged from the Washington area underground music scene. Mars Everywhere has received standing ovations at recent concert appearances. the most note worthy of these have been with guitarists Fred Frith and Pete Blevad (both of Henry Cow origin)here at the Trinity Theater this past winter, and Daevid Allen and Yockho Seffer(Ex-members of Gong and Magnum)at the New Music festival at John Hopkins U in April. At once they impress you with a surreal musical combination of serious electronic music, free-form improvisations, and futuristic jazz-rock. Once described in the Washington Post as "a spacey quartet mixing horns, woodwinds, and synthesizers" the group explains "We do it.....we have the technology"

    Track Listings:
    A1 The Enchanted Domain 12:16
    A2 Staedy State Theory 5:41
    A3 Mare Chromium 5:32
    B1 Industrial Sabotage 3:04
    B2 Zone Of Twilight 4:16
    B3 Zöln 10:04
    B4 Attack Of The Giant Squid 3:32
    Artist Name(s):
    Greg Yaskovich - Bass, Synthesizer, Sequencer, Trumpet, Autoharp
    Barney Jones - Drums, Clarinet, Electronics, Voice
    Ernie Falcone - Guitar, Electronics
    Carlos Garza - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Voice (tracks: A1, B1, B2)
    Doug Hollobaugh - Keyboards, Synthesizer (tracks: A2, B4)
    Tom Fenwick - Keyboards, Synthesizer (tracks: A3)
    Robin Anderson - Percussion, Keyboards, Wood Block [Latteral Timber Blocks] (tracks: A2, A3)
    Mars Everywhere, Random Radar Records
    Release Year: 1980
    Ambient, Progressive, Space Rock
    Album Type:
    Live, Studio
    Cassette, LP 33 1/3
    Cover & Packge Design:
    Sleeve notes: Jamil Guellal
    Studio Name:
    C.A.B. Studios
    Mastering: Pete Helffrich
    Engineer(s): Colleen Scott (tracks: A3), David Newhouse* (tracks: B1, B4), Ernie Falcone, Tom Scott (2)
    Label / Publishing
    Label Name:
    Random radar Records
    Catalog Number(s):
    RRR 008
    Washington, DC
    Synthesizers Used
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Jack Hertz

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I was lucky enough to see them perform a few times. Hard to believe, but the show was almost just like the record. These guys were very talented performers as well as composers. Their music was so new sounding and nostalgic at the same time, they really captured the feeling of sci-fi movies, menacing technology, and a love for the stars. RIP Barney Jones.

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