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Silver Apples - The Garden

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The Garden was the once legendary, 'lost', third album that luckily turned up in 1998 during the reunion of Simeon and Danny Taylor, who at the time hadn't seen each other for 27 years! The story appears on the sleeve artwork. Mastered from previously unreleased 1968/1969 sessions.

After hearing an old song of Silver Apples on the radio, Dan Taylor called the station and got in touch with his old partner again. When they met again they discovered a collection of tapes among the Silver Apples memorabilia. Seven complete songs recorded in 1969, plus seven instrumentals of Dan playing drums in 1968. Simeon took these instrumentals and added "noodles" in 1998, thus composing new tracks after 30 years.

First released on the now defunct, Whirlybird, label in '98 (CD only) then on now defunct Canadian label, Bully Records, in 2006.

ChickenCoop Recordings is Silver Apples own imprint, the same name given to the backyard studio in Alabama by Simeon Coxe, founder and surviving member of Silver Apples.

Track Listings:
    1 I Don't Care What The People Say 3:08
    2 Tabouli Noodle 4:18
    3 Walkin' 4:07
    4 Cannonball Noodle 5:29
    5 John Hardy 2:22
    6 Cockroach Noodle 2:24
    7 The Owl 3:23
    8 Swamp Noodle 2:58
    9 Mustang Sally 3:15
    10 Anasazi Noodle 3:20
    11 Again 2:58
    12 Starlight Noodle 4:39
    13 Mad Man Blues 3:13
    14 Fire Ant Noodle 3:43
Total Time: 57:00
Artist Name(s):
Simeon Coxe - Synthesizer [The Simeon], Banjo, Vocals
Drums – Dan Taylor
Silver Apples
Release Year: 1998
Space Rock
Album Type:
Digital / Download, LP 33 1/3
Cover & Packge Design:
Eileen Lewellen
Studio Name:
Backyard Studio
Mastering: Silver Apples
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Whirlybird Records, Chicken Coop Recordings
Catalog Number(s):
WR109, CCR2
Editions / Reissues
  1. CELESTIAL 3034 US Unknown
  2. Chicken Coop Recordings CCRLP003COL UK 2016
  3. Chicken Coop Recordings CCR2 2012
  4. Bully Records FULP003 Canada 2006
  5. Chicken Coop Recordings CCRLP003 UK 2016
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