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Healing - Todd Rundgren

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Todd Rundgren's 1981 album Healing centered on spirituality and the human condition, something Rundgren had touched on many times in earlier works but never with the consistency exhibited here as every track explores a different aspect. The back cover image of the album shows the Caduceus and a Qabalistic Tree of Life each overlaid by a treble clef which is reversed for the Tree of Life,, reflecting Rundgren's linking of his spirituality and music.

The original vinyl release includes a bonus 7" 33rpm single featuring the tracks "Time Heals" and "Tiny Demons" which are unlisted on the album sleeve but are included at the end of the later CD release as tracks 10 and 11. "Time Heals" and "Compassion" were both released as singles and a promotional video was made for the former, which was the eighth music video to air on MTV during its launch on August 1, 1981.

"I did the record as an experiment. If the record could be therapeutic if you actually consciously try to make it so. And uh, while it was therapeutic for me creating a texture of sound that was amenable to that idea, after the album came out, some people told me they thought the record actually had therapeutic value. Now I’m wondering whether it was the quality of the music, or because there is some audio suggestion in there, when you call a record, “Healing”. - Todd Rundgren 1981

Track Listings:
    Side One

    "Healer" - 3:40
    "Pulse" - 3:07
    "Flesh" - 3:58
    "Golden Goose" - 3:16
    "Compassion" - 4:43
    "Shine" - 8:12

    Side Two

    "Healing, Part I" - 7:28
    "Healing, Part II" - 7:52
    "Healing, Part III" - 4:40

    Bonus 7-inch 33 brpm Single

    "Time Heals" - 3:33
    "Tiny Demons" - 3:08

    CD Track Listing

    "Healer" - 3:40
    "Pulse" - 3:07
    "Flesh" - 3:58
    "Golden Goose" - 3:16
    "Compassion" - 4:43
    "Shine" - 8:12
    "Healing, Part I" - 7:28
    "Healing, Part II" - 7:52
    "Healing, Part III" - 4:40
    "Time Heals" - 3:33
    "Tiny Demons" - 3:08
Total Time: 53:57
Artist Name(s):
Todd Rundgren
Todd Rungren
Release Year: 1981
Ambient, Drone, Experimental, Synth-Pop
Album Type:
Cassette, Compact Disc, Digital / Download, LP 33 1/3
Cover & Packge Design:
Prairie Prince
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Bearsville Records
Catalog Number(s):
BEA W5 3522
New York
Synthesizers Used
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