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Nataraja - Jack Hertz

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Jack Hertz presents his 100th album release with an album of Fourth World styled compositions dedicated to the the Hindu deity, Nataraja. An ancient symbol that represents the rhythm and harmony of life. Drawing on 3 decades of work with original electronic music. "Nataraja" presents a suite of ten sonic spaces that invite the listener to reflect on the exotic, sonic and spiritual.

Track Listings:
    1. Harmonic Flow 04:09
    2. Rain of Ice 05:05
    3. Troubling Questions 05:30
    4. Anandatandava 05:38
    5. Clipping Memories 05:59
    6. The Weather Vane 06:53
    7. Ozone Rising 07:23
    8. Seer 07:29
    9. Gong Circle 07:39
    10. Nataraj 08:10
Artist Name(s):
Jack Hertz
Release Year: 2015
Ambient, Jazz, Progressive, Soundtrack
Album Type:
Digital / Download
Label / Publishing
Label Name:
Aural Films
Catalog Number(s):
San Francisco, CA, USA
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Ten recordings of perplex contemplative moods, perfectly bite-sized in their times, unpretentious and expressive.  Simultaneously acoustic and electronic, percussively tribal, echoing the present into the future.  Both the musicianship and the production are clearly calculated and executed flowingly, without a hint of hesitation.   Jack's Number 100 is 100 percent sound from the soul.  As for Nataraja, we became acquainted back in my college days at UC Berkeley; I have come to believe that the Lord Of The Dance is a good friend to all who welcome the joys of sonic mystery, and Jack is quite obviously spinning in his wake.  I'm not much for "star" ratings,  but without doubt this is well worth a listen. 

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