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Nembrini Audio Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine Effects Plugin Released



Shimmer Delay Ambient machine combines reverb, pitch shifting, and feedback to create out-of- this-world oundscapes and spaces.

Based on creative techniques developed by studio engineers and producers in the early 1980s, Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine combines reverb, pitch shifting, and feedback to create out-of- this-world soundscapes and spaces.



Great for guitars, keys, synths, samples, and vocals, Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine promotes getting lost in creative production and electronic music facets of the ambient spectrum.

Swell crescendo means to start at a low volume and then swell to a much louder level, which is similar the sound of a violin being bowed. Now you get those sweeping swells from your guitar using the auto swell section of the Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine.

The Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine user interface is designed with an emphasis on user control and playability.

Shimmer Delay Ambient Machine has been designed to be tweaked in real time. All of the sliders have a smoothed response, to avoid clicks when changing settings or automating the controls. At the same time, the algorithm has been highly optimized, so you get a huge delay sound without straining your CPU.

Works as a standalone app, AudioUnit v3 effect, or Inter-App Audio effect

Read more about that is on special sale of just $29 USD for a limited time on the official product site at nembriniaudio.com





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