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CCRMA Presents TWELVE: A Virtual Audiovisual Playground

SEAMUS 2021 Virtual National Conference and CCRMA present TWELVE: a virtual audiovisual playground.


LIVESTREAM: ccrma.stanford.edu/live/twelve


TWELVE A Virtual Audiovisual Playground.jpg


2020 has been a year of isolation for everyone. Performing artists have been especially affected by the pandemic restrictions. However, this time spent physically apart from our families, friends, collaborators, and audiences has also highlighted something for artists: the value and convenience of meeting, collaborating, and performing with other people around the world via the Internet (and our planet is happy, too, about less carbon emissions!). At the SEAMUS 2021 Virtual National Conference, CCRMA is delighted to host a 12-hour telematic audiovisual event. The selected musicians and visual artists will present both individual and collaborative live acts throughout the day. Between 6:30–8:30pm EDT, we will open the virtual playground for even more partnerships between participating performers, including free improvisation.

Participating artists: Shivasongster, Modality, Adam Vidiksis, Jean-Paul Perrotte, Sam Wells, Sonic Arts Ensemble, Duo Cecilia Wu vs. Chris Chafe, UUUU, The Core, Dilate Ensemble, Steven Kemper, OEGF, duo B. vs. viDEO sAVant, Jean-François Charles / Will Yager, Cecilia Suhr, Fernando Lopez-Lezcano, Daniel McKemie, Brad Decke, Seth Shafer + Bradley Robin / Sarah Church, Cathleen Grado, Nick Virzi, Stephanie Sheriff, and more.

Event Tech Support:
Constantin Basica
Hassan Estakhrian
Stephanie Sherriff


12:05 Shivasongster
12:38 Modality
  1:01 Adam Vidiksis
  1:24 Jean-Paul Perrotte
  1:47 Sam Wells
  2:10 Sonic Arts Ensemble
  2:43 Duo Cecilia Wu vs. Chris Chafe
  3:06 UUUU
  3:24 The Core
  4:27 Dilate Ensemble
  5:00 Steven Kemper
  5:18 OEGF
  5:46 duo B. vs. viDEO sAVant
  6:30 Playground
  8:30 Jean-François Charles / Will Yager
  8:58 Cecilia Suhr
  9:16 Fernando Lopez-Lezcano
  9:42 Daniel McKemie
10:15 Brad Decker
10:41 Seth Shafer + Bradley Robin / Sarah Church
11:22 Cathleen Grado
11:37 Nick Virzi

All times are EDT.

As this is entirely a live event, please note that performance times may slightly shift throughout the day.

More info: ccrma.stanford.edu/live/twelve

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