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Raymond Scott Featured in Google Arts & Culture Music, Makers & Machines

Exciting news about The Raymond Scott Archives new partnership with Google Arts & Culture's “Music, Makers & Machines” division. They have been working on this for several months, and are thrilled to be a part of this partnership. Visit the online exhibit now for The Raymond Scott Archives
Explore and learn about the history and legacy of electronic music through “Music, Makers & Machines”, a new interactive online project by Google Arts & Culture supported by YouTube, in collaboration with The Raymond Scott Archives @RaymondScottArchives @_Raymond_Scott_
Today, Google Arts & Culture supported by YouTube launched “Music, Makers & Machines” - an interactive online resource highlighting the crucial role electronic music plays within wider culture, both past and present. Music, Makers & Machines is the result of a collaboration between The Raymond Scott Archives and over 50 archives, museums, collections, record labels, festivals and some of the music industry’s leading experts and pioneers from 15 countries, giving everyone an opportunity to explore, learn and appreciate the stories of electronic music.
In over 250 curated online exhibitions, Music, Makers & Machines hosts an extensive archive of over 15.000 photos, videos, 360° tours and 3D scans along with bespoke editorial features delving into scenes, sounds and iconic cities.
Learn about the Music genres that grew into movements such as Detroit Techno, House and Gabber, meet the Makers like Raymond Scott, Honey Dijon, Bob Moog, Ellen Allien or Suzanne Ciani, explore iconic studios like the WDR Studio for Electronic Music, and check out legendary synthesizers and Machines in 3D.
In addition, a dedicated AR experiment will enable you to play with five famous synthesizers.
The Raymond Scott Archives Google Arts & Culture channel — created & curated by Stan Warnow, Deborah Scott Studebaker, and Jeff Winner.

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