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Vermona DRM1 MKIV Percussion Synthesizer Update

Instead of trying to reinvent or change an already well-proven external design, with this update to version MKIV we decided to focus on the inside. We took time to thoroughly listen into the circuits and put energy and care into its details: Thoughtfully tweaking frequency ranges, revamping control curves, adjusting levels and redesigning sub-circuits. Our goal was to make the DRM1 MKIV the best drum synthesizer we've ever built!

Baloran Pool Synthesizer Modulation Demo

Baloran, the makers of the incredible The River synthesizer have a new project in the works called "The Pool". Today we have a new video that is said to demonstrate the modulation functions of the new synthesizer. The description translated from French (below) can be seen below with the video demo.

Korg MS-20 FS Synthesizer FULL SIZE Edition Coming Soon

Korg have resumed production of a completely assembled full-size MS-20, which had in 2014 been produced only in very small numbers as a kit. But in addition to faithfully recreating the sound, feel, and analog circuitry, this full-size reissue will consist of limited numbers of four different powder-coated color variations: khaki (KHAKI), white (WHITE), metallic blue (MBLUE), and black (BLACK).

Expressive E Osmose Production Begins in France

With the many hurdles of producing a a new instrument during the Pandemic, Expressive E have updated on the Osmose production plans with a move to begin a parallel production in France. Read the update below for the full details.

Moog Sound Studio - Two New Synthesizer Studio Packs Announced

Moog Sound Studio, a new synthesizer experience from Moog Music, includes all the tools and creative inspiration you need to embark on an immersive sonic adventure. Designed for beginner and seasoned synthesists alike, Moog Sound Studio introduces a uniquely comprehensive approach to exploring modular synthesis.

TONTO Synthesizer Innovator Malcolm Cecil Dies at 84

The man behind The Original New Timbral Orchestra (TONTO), Malcolm Cecil, has passed away at age 84. The London, England born artist, producer and engineer is best known for his work with Stevie Wonder using the massive and visually stunning TONTO that he developed with Robert Margouleff in 1968.

Soma Labs Cosmos Drifting Memory Station Looper

COSMOS is a drifting memory station designed to work with meditative states through music. The design of the controls, functions and generated soundscapes are intended to evoke, in both performer and listener, states and experiences inherent in meditation, such as limitless space, fluidity, spontaneous development, presence, the ability to hear, tranquility, the experience of subtle harmony and happiness enveloping the whole world.

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