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Baloran Pool Synthesizer Modulation Demo



Baloran, the makers of the incredible The River synthesizer have a new project in the works called "The Pool". Today we have a new video that is said to demonstrate the modulation functions of the new synthesizer. The description translated from French (below) can be seen below with the video demo.



This video presents the unique concept of modulation management created for The Pool.


Hopefully, that is the The Pool we are seeing in the video. They certainly have our attention as to what kind of synthesizer this will be with that big screen and knobs around it. This kind of configuration is reminiscent of synthesizers just as the Arturia Origin or the Bowen Solaris that have multiple synth engines in one system. It is mentioned in the video the synthesizer will be polyphonic with morphing functions. Additionally, we can look at the panel in the video to see sections for at least 4 filters, 2 envelopes, 3 LFOs, and multiple VCSs in a huge open layout with heavy with knobs and colored buttons that sounds like an Analog synthesizer.



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