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Cicada Acoustic Synthesizer - Interactive Physical Sound Modeling System



Cicada is an inherently human and expandable modular system comprised of five primary components: AMP, PRE, Actuator, Bridge, and Soundboard. The Cicada Actuator generates vibration through two voice-coil motors supplied from up to three amplified input signals (carrier modulator, and DC offset). 

These vibrations are carried across a steel Bridge and transformed into a nonlinear tip-surface interactions with a Soundboard containing a piezoelectric pickup.The signal from the pickup is pre-amplified, filtered, and compressed to +5dB level output to either direct (speakers) or back into a DAW or effects chain. 

In addition to audio, the Cicada Soundboard has four force sensitive resistors (FSRs) located beneath the four corners of the unit. When the soundboard material is compressed, the FSRs transmit CV voltages (0 to 5V+) from each of the four FSRs.



Unique Components

Cicada is an expandable modular system comprised of five primary components: AMP, PRE, Actuator, Bridge, Soundboard.

Design Features

Expandable system, interchangeable Bridges and Soundboards, 1/4inch unbalanced inputs/outputs, Gain and DC offset controls, Force Sensitive Resistors output to control voltages.


Acetal resin, milled aluminum, nylon 12,
neodymium magnets, glass-filled Nylon 12, steel, wood, polycarbonate, piezoelectric elements, electronic components.

Read more about the Cicada Acoustic Synthesizer the official product site physical-synthesis.com






2020-10-11_Cicada Context Synth.jpg

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